Bassey looks the hungriest


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He was tremendous tonight. I had real concerns about him playing there but he’s proved me wrong. Delighted for him.


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I still don’t think he is a CB but going forward he should be our LB. I’m a massive Borna fan but he looks very one paced right now.

St Albans Bear

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I’m not going to get over the top but he impacted that game. At one point he was wide left wanting to fling in a cross! I am convinced he is doing everything he can to stay in This team and frankly i think Borna is under pressure now


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He’s fantastic, he could easily be a starter and he’s still so young. Always eager to impress and learn. Love the big man, one of my favourite young players.


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He was excellent tonight, I can’t lie though, there were a few times I was asking myself ‘wtf is he doing out there?!’. Not sure that was tactical when he turned up on the left wing or stepped out into defensive mid!

Baxter Blue

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This season it's not even a contest.

One is a tank, can run all day, powerful, loves the physical side of it etc. The other isn't/doesn't.
Totally agree. His crossing the ball is actually a bit better. Don’t know what’s happened Borna and Tavs crossing.


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He's a fantastic prospect, but people on here need to stop the sugar and shite. He will make mistakes, but he is mustard.
The thread did start with a culinary reference.

Lovenkrands Dug

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Thought Bassey, Kamara and Morelos were the three standouts. Particulary Bassey as I was worried about him being defensively exposed, he was a rock though


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It helped to have a left footed player as left sided centerback back cut down that fucking ball inside the left back.
He played well but I’m really not sure if he is a centre back .


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He was an absolute pillar tonight.

Backed Borna to the hilt and I think it showed in BB’s performance also.

Superb Calvin :cool:
There was a point where he was in his usual attacking position on the left wing and BB was sitting back at the half way line.

I really liked that they could switch like that, and would be a complete nightmare for teams to defend against.

Roger Daltrey

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He needs to be our first choice left back going forward.

Solid tonight at CB but he's more suited out left.
Im more inclined to think he's play at lb for a few years and eventually be a CB. whether thats with us or not. He's definitely more comfortable on left just now but hes got the attributes to be a cb longer term

Klos 1

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He was my MOTM thought he was immense. He made so many crucial tackles & blocks. He absolutely cruised it and shows he can play that position quite comfortably.