BBC Lies this morning

Papa Sasac

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They love peddling that nonsense.

Sick of reading it. Worst myth in Scottish football.

And even if it WAS true... we’ve since had Catholic managers and captains. It’s a total non-issue.

All the same, I hope today is bringing back the nightmares for the scumbags who have never gotten over it.


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I saw it as the first "high profile" catholic on one report.

Players away back in the dim and distant past were not exactly "high profile" even if they were internationalists or first team regulars.


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Might this just be another of those , detract, deny and deflect stories?-you know, from the real big football scandal.
BBC and lies just seem to blend in together.
it's amazing a fact about ourselves which everyone knows ain't true gets trumped out on numerous occasions, yet no journalists really want to tweet about the abuse and cover up which is true, thank God mo johnstone signed for the famous 30 years ago it still annoys them


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Was it them then? Actually the Houghton one does ring a bell now you say it.
It absolutely was Houghton and Collins, Souness spoke about it and said both actually seemed keen but then bottled it after speaking with their families who were against it.


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It is only an issue for one group of people in this country. Wee clue, it's not us
These fannies are brazen now. The replies under these various journalists' tweets are full to the gunnels of truths and facts showing them to be liars or peddlers of propaganda...yet, they just keep on doing it.

Their Twitter histories are a stark embarrassment to them. It's a wonder how they are still employed as most are regularly destroyed day in, day out !


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'Rangers don't sign catholics' used to be the big stick they constantly beat us with.

30 years later, the stick has been rebranded - 'Rangers didn't sign catholics'

Never mind that cfc had a policy of having a catholic only board, all inclusive my arrrse.


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Starting with auld bigot Keevins, ask any one of the puppets in the Scottish fitba mhedia what they honestly think of Mo Johnston.
Their answers will tell you all you need to know about where the issue lies.

Bowery Boy

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Shengus Malengus

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Why do none of them ever mention the filth’s Catholics only inception?

They eventually realised that having only 15% of the population to choose from meant they would be going nowhere fast.

If the shoe was on the other foot population wise, we’d still be waiting on their first non Catholic signing.


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Didn't we have a catholic player before that lot even existed?

Was wondering what negative they'd be reporting on after a comfortable win for us. They're really scraping the barrel here.