Be honest - did anyone expect a romp?


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I didn't think we would win it. To be honest I thought celtic would win it comfortably. Their signings on paper looked good and they finished last season really strongly and I was sure that if it came to it we would crumble again.

Should have had a bit more faith!

Steve Snedden

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No. I thought the number of extra wins needed plus the referees meant we were not winning the league.

I also thought any chance we had was dependent on us being front runners but I still thought we would come second in a very close affair.

For context, the swing from when last season was called until now is about 30 points


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Never thought we would be quite so relentlessly consistent. As it turned out, the first time they’ve had any challenge to speak of, and they couldn’t live with us.


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I thought if we were close to them come jan transfer window they would burst the bank to get better quality players had no idea how things would turn out but let’s be honest we have been magnificent domestically and in Europe


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I honestly didn't think we'd win it. Hoped beyond hope, but honestly, no!
I hoped to push them and see what they were nade of under some form of pressure.
Their collapse has me going between elation and downright disbelief. I still don't fully understand what happened.
I do know it feels marvellous!


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I thought we'd win it last season,I thought we'd win it this season,didn't expect it to be as comfortable though.
The key was getting in front as it's a different type of pressure chasing,they have totally crumbled under the pressure.


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I thought we would win it by about 8 points or so by having a couple of draws against them and a couple of wins. I knew we were improving, and I thought we would take care this season, of what were our bogey teams in previous seasons.

But the way they have fallen apart is hilarious. Brown and Bain looking at each other last night after Ross County scored was pure comedy gold.


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No, I was hoping for us to make a good start, win the first Old Firm and take it from there. What I expected was a neck and neck race with a posibility of another Helicopter Sunday.

But I never, ever thought they would crumble in the manner that they have. The closer we get to 55, the more I keep pinching myself that it's not a dream.


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I don’t think there’s a bear anywhere who thought it would go like this, not if they are being really honest with themselves and aren’t borderline insane. Especially after how the league went from last new year when it was us who collapsed.


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There's been no way back for them since those early games were postponed because of the covid issues.

They've simply never been that far behind, even if it meant that they had games in hand. Psychologically it was over at that point IMO


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Absolutely not. Thought it we were going to win it it would be neck and neck and swing over a couple of games. The difference Gerrard and the team have made in three years is exceptional. A legend.

Brother Crockett

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When the transfer window shut and Alfie was still at Ibrox. I thought we had half a chance. We were not and are not the same team without the wee man up front.

Never in a million years did I think there would be such a points gap. But I don't like terms like "easy" or "romp" (well, I do) but IMO it doesn't give credit to our players talent, how hard our players work and how well our backroom and coaching staff run the team and the club.


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Nope. I expected to kick on from last year as we were, and still are, a work in progress. There is still more to come from this team. It is only going to get better and better imo.

Them collapsing is the icing on the cake. It will destroy half of their players. The other half will leave. Not that I care, but they have a helluva rebuild to try and catch up. I don't think they will for a long time as long as we keep the standards that are being set.

I also never, in a month of beautiful Sundays thought I would be listening to Clyde 1 SSB or tarrier blogs for hilarity kicks. It's just getting better and better.


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Our victory v Them on 17/10/20 when they didn't register a shot on target was crucial. That was the catalyst for our success and their timplosion, It was my birthday too!!


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I thought if we got a good start they would crumble... But not to the extent they have. Glad to be wrong
I was similar, get our noses in front and let them feel the pressure of having to win, we did and they didn't. They had never been put under that pressure in nearly 10 years and they couldn't handle it.


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Being truthful I had some hope we'd win it under SG...but every daydream was in essence Helicopter Sunday, or similar.

I just couldn't see filth being so unprepared for a genuine challenge.

Did any of you actually really believe wheels would come off for them and of so why?
The way we started with intensity and some super one touch and pattern play I thought that it would be us that took all their wheels off but we left one on for them to do themselves before we finished the job! Our football has on many occasions been a joy to watch whereas their being dismantled causing their collapse has also been a joy to watch!
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monkey magic

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Celtc have been over-rated for years. The Scottish media have had their domestic opponents terrified and beaten before a ball was kicked, hence the hoovering up of domestic trophies for almost a decade. In Europe, they faced not only teams who wouldn't roll-over, but also refs who would apply the rules of the game impartially, again hence the mountain of yellow and red cards they've stacked up. This is the first genuine season-long opposition they've faced in Scotland, and they've collapsed into chaos, even with the helping hand of Scottish refs. I'll never tire of saying it, but Celtc are only a mid-table side with terrified refs in their corner. They should be currently battling it out for 3rd spot with the Sheep.


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I said last year never mind this year that player for player we were stronger. I really rated Forster, you couldn't ignore Edouard and Elyounoussi looked good, but outside of that I thought we were better all over the pitch. I think the Cup Final and our Europa performances proved that.

I loved that our club were signing decent people (no more Black/Barton) as well as good players (listen to Tav, Kent, Defoe, Jack, Aribo et al speak, look what Alfie does off pitch) but when the collapse happened I thought maybe we lacked steel and a touch of arrogance that came with your Ferguson, (Ian Derek or Barry) or Albertz and thought it would be another tough year.

With hindsight, I actually believe we would have cleaned up last year if not for Farther Forster.
Again with hindsight, Rodgers left Lennon with a good side, tactically well set up and good enough for Scotland, I should have known Lenny would not look after his toys.

Happy days, here's hoping we are in our seats for the Champions league Group games next year.

mark hateley

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I questioned if our players had the bottle to go the full way.

They didnt need to.

They crumbled far too easy for everyone.


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I genuinely thought it would be tight as didn't see much between the teams last season though we outplayed them a few times. I thought it would come down to bottle and if we learned from last season

They bottled it as soon as went in front. We turned the screw and they imploded and its still joyful to watch