Be honest - did anyone expect a romp?


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To be honest I had made my peace with the fact they’d have ten in a row, for me it was all about fixing us and nothing to do with them winning titles, at end of last season we had loads of problems, just look at results from jan to when season ended, just could not see how we could overcome that and feared Gerrard was a goner

The transformation has been incredible, absolutely incredible, to be in this position with 8 games to go is mental, completely brilliant

To win it at their place before the split would be the absolute icing on top of a big fkin cake, if they stop us so what? You wouldn’t have got a bet on that their big “achievement” in their “the ten” season would be to stop us winning the league on their patch before the split

What this side have achieved this season is insane and no way did any of us see this coming, better still, they certainly didn’t see it coming.....


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It's a romp now, is it?

Every week, half of the match day thread is taken up by bed-wetting hermaphrodites :oops:
Have to say the match day threads are truly amazing.
I know we’re full of adrenaline at times but the reactionary stuff on here is nuts.
A draw means we should replace the manager and the entire squad of players
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Probably not but I’m also not that surprised.

I wonder if (and how much) having the league gifted last season had a negative effect on them?


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Being honest, no. It just meant everything to them. I was expecting them to throw the kitchen sink at it, refs windows in if they gave bad decisions. Kick, bite, scratch opponents. Going to the 96th minute, diving all over the place. Instead, they've run into one another, meekly surrendered to Sparta reserves, rolled over for that household name, Ferencvaros. Hell, even Aberdeen got a point off them. Fighting among themselves, banter coming from all angles. Tears, pain, anguish. Oh, I could go on. Utterly glorious. And the Rangers steamroller just keeps on rolling.


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They could end up on 80+pts so in any other season it would be closer.

As sensational as this season has been, I'll be amazed if we have another season as good as this.

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It never even occurred to me. I thought we’d run them close at best. I deserve to be run out of town on a rail and dumped in the river for how wrong I was.


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Not a chance I ever thought it would be this comfortable. I only ever wanted to put them under pressure going into last few months of the season. They had never experienced a challenge and wandered if they could cope... ah well we’ll never know. B-D


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No I did not expect a romp. I did see us getting stronger each season and thought we were in with a decent chance. Our biggest competition thought they could drift into 10 titles in a row and they have been very badly proven wrong.


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Being truthful I had some hope we'd win it under SG...but every daydream was in essence Helicopter Sunday, or similar.

I just couldn't see filth being so unprepared for a genuine challenge.

Did any of you actually really believe wheels would come off for them and of so why?
I actually expected a better chance of a romp with miss hurley


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Their collapse has been furthered and deepened by our form. We haven’t given them any break or sign of collapsing. Four away draws and the rest being wins is relentless pressure.
Think that's what we need to remember here. Never mind them, our form is deserving of winning the league. In a way I'm glad last season was stopped, because the jungle drums were beating about gerrard. What a huge mistake that would have been.

I always thought the strengh of the squad was a problem and last week proved the point. Tav off injured in an away euro tie, balagoun slots in, we come back in Belgium after twice being behind. They now have the squad and nobody can say they dont have bottle.

Anyway to cut a long story short, f**k them and their shortcomings. This is all gerrards work, with the backing of the board.


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Quietly confident we'd win the league this season but not by the margin we are heading for. The fall of the beast has been spectacular and very entertaining


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I always thought it would come down to the games v them. We'd have a fairly even record against the rest.

Delighted to be wrong on that one.

We are long overdue a fucking hammering of them though. Let's give them their 10. 10-0 at sharkhead next month.

Well, I've got to have something left to dream about B-D

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Being truthful I had some hope we'd win it under SG...but every daydream was in essence Helicopter Sunday, or similar.

I just couldn't see filth being so unprepared for a genuine challenge.

Did any of you actually really believe wheels would come off for them and of so why?
Nobody, and I mean nobody, could have predicted the filth's complete meltdown along with our quite unbelievable consistency.

I feel absolutely amazing just now and we haven't even won it yet!


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Celtic have probably performed like expected and in a normal season it'd still be a race, We have been exceptional, 4 draws and only 8 conceded in the League, throw in an unbeaten run in Europe and it's the stuff of dreams.

55 is killing them and the Sevco moonhowling is growing to a crescendo, I'm loving it, I'm 50 and buzzing for this title more than I was in 87 :))

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The day we won at parkhead in October they have crumbled and never really recovered and the fact we have been outstanding and not gave them a sniff makes it even better


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It could have been this last season but we didn't do well for a few weeks and it cost us. Last season when we were at our best we were excellent. The signs were all there that we just needed tweaked and it's happened. I always felt that consistent pressure on them will see them crumble.


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No, never in a month of Sunday’s did I think it would be so processional.

Every scenario I played out in my mind last summer when we got underway
usually involved us winning on some last day helicopter Sundayesque drama.


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This current septic team hadn't ever had any pressure on them, so I always thought the first real go we had at them they may have struggled but.....

They have completely Timploded it really cheers me up during a difficult time hahaha pmsl


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It’s a bit like Liverpool last season. Hadn’t won the league in decades then had it all but wrapped up with 10 games to go.

I never expected us to be some comfortable but I was confident that we had a real good chance of winning the league.


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After winning 2-0 at the piggery and seeing our performances in EL there was no way they had a better team than us. TLB just helped us by slagging his own players.
Hindsight is easy but it all played out beautifully for us, Europe, Dubai and the shark attack after Ross County.


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We’ve been better than I thought, not the level we’re playing at, but the consistency- which has been missing the last 2 seasons. I was confident that we would do well this year, but they have fallen away badly.

100% thought we could do it, but 18 points in front with 8 games left? Don’t think many would have predicted that. I certainly didn’t!

Wonder what the odds on Rangers -10 were before the season started?


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I did not expect it to be honest but I am also not surprised. I think we were all delighted when we heard Lennon got the job and we could also all see Gerrard seemed to be building something special.


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Not in a million years. I thought we were in with a chance if we could keep winning post new year this time round but their collapse and our amazing consistency has blown me away.


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I genuinely thought they would falter after we won the first OF game but keep clipping our heels in the run in and ultimately fall away as they haven't had a real challenge - the fact that the level of their implosion is the stuff of dreams really is incredible and a joy to behold


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I never thought it would be like this. This season is better than I could ever have imagined.
I wish I had a screenshot of some of the threads and posters after the draw with Livi. People giving their reasons why Gerrard isn't the man to win us the league, we don't have the mentality for it etc. I'm sure those people will feel a bit daft now :shh:


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I certainly didn't expect it. We have shown in the past 2 seasons that we can compete with them with good doings over them the example. We have had decent squads but not cut out for the amount of games we face including Europe and qualifiers. I was more optimistic with our added signings for this season but I still had them slight favourites.

• Their stadium can be an extra man for them when full. They are like a baying mob sometimes.
• Referees have proven in the past that they can be influenced.
• The media in Scotland have been able to deflect criticism and pressure on them for years and at the same time pull out 'stories' that try to derail us. Goes back to at least David Murray's time.

The fact that the above has had a reverse affect has went against them this time.

Having said that and now in hindsight even with ALL their help and machinations at full throttle we would still came out top because we are Simply The Best.


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I genuinely believed this would be the season we would win back the title I even said so before Gerrard was appointed . I’d hoped we could do it last year as I could see the progress but it just wasn’t to be , however I will admit after our 0/0 draw with Livingston at the start of the season I had a wobble , but it’s been well documented the manager decided after that game we had to attack more in league games and look what’s happened since . Never thought it would be this gap mind you but didn’t see a last day scenario either .


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Absolutely not. My concern with the last two seasons was that, if there was improvement with the team from one season to another, it was slight. The improvement to win the league this year had to be a level of unprecedented improvement within the squad - and it was.


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I did think we would win it it by taking 8 or 9 points v them which would be enough to cover us dropping more points against the dross through the winter months. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to go the way it has in terms of how good we have been and how bad they have been.