Bear in Mind - Can you name the 3 Bears from snippets from their Wikipedia? (Thursday 16th)


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1) "Seen as not quite ready for the Premier League, he joined the Scottish club with a view to an extension of the loan to the end of the season. After a succession of injuries he failed to establish himself and returned to his parent club in December 2006, having made just 10 appearances.

On 25 January 2007, he was farmed out on loan again, this time to Stoke City."

Clue - Initals

Answer -
Lee Martin

2) "He began his career with Rangers. Whilst at Ibrox he made 37 appearances and scored four goals. He joined Hearts in 1985 and spent two seasons there making five league appearances and making the bench for the 1986 Cup Final. He also had a brief loan spell at Dunfermline Athletic whilst at Tynecastle. He was forced to retire through injury in 1987 aged 27."

Clue - Initals

Answer -
Billy MacKay

3) "After three seasons in Edinburgh, he moved to Southampton in 2002. He played for Southampton in the 2003 FA Cup final against Arsenal."

Clue - Initals

Answer -
Antti Niemi

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All three today. I know Billy he helps out with the local juniors and he runs an undertakers in the town.


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Got the first one, wasnt sure which of the two it was!

No clue with the 2nd and got the 3rd after the initials.


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2/3. Went for the wrong loanee in number 1. PB also played for Stoke!

Number 2 was a complete guess at a name based on the initials. No idea who he is.

Got number 3 with initials.


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1) was a choice of two was going for other one until I saw initials
2) no chance
3) needed initials

I like that you post them early. If I was greedy I’d ask for a morning and afternoon quiz.Lol


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Just so you know, number 2s surname is mentioned in the text.
No more annoying than those who post answers on the thread!

Number one took a bit of thought but in the end got all 3. Thankfully re-read number 3 before jumping in with the (wrong) answer.


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Got 1 and 3 straight away, even after seeing the answer I sadly don't really know anything about number 2.


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1/3 today ( number 3 only) which I got without the clue. The initials still didn't help me with 1 or 2


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Got first one (having just listen to H&H cast on PLG helped!), no idea for 2 and got 3 with initials.