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It was a fairly easy game to ref, it helps when there isn’t 60,000 beasts to influence him.

However I’m sure the bears who seem incapable of happiness will be along shortly to tell us how he still somehow tried to cheat.


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Dare I say, it looked to me like there was a handball by Kamara in the build-up to our second goal. The scum defence all claimed it and TBH I was expecting the whistle to be blown.

It'll be Clancy for the New Year game then.


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Not many flash points he had to deal with to be fair. The scum mhedia will flag up morelos petulance but there wasnt any dangerous tackles


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I think this will show the influence of the media.

They will concentrate on the abject Celtic performance rather than the moments of the game and that will mean the focus isn’t on the referee.

The media have a massive part in narrative and the action taken thereafter.
They try and take the moral high ground but are completely irresponsible in what they stoke up.


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Took too long for Celtic's first yellow as they had several fouls before he finally booked someone. Booked Arfield for less. Should have sent Duffy off - probably right to give Alfie the yellow but Duffy should have been off.

Other than that he didn't have a bad game. Not sure the far side linesman had a clue what was going on though. He needed assurances for every single call, no matter how simple.


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Not a lot for him to get wrong today, very few really controversial moments. Just shows what happens when a referee acts impartially - we are a level above the tarriers when they get no outside help.
Thank goodness Sutton’s and McAvennie’s attempts to influence Beaton didn’t work on the day.

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Wonder whether the CO will now get on the act with Alfredo's assault on Brown's ear.

Beaton has been decent in our last game, by his and Scottish standards. Never thought I would say that after some of the shyte he handed our way in years past.
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