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Dare I say, it looked to me like there was a handball by Kamara in the build-up to our second goal. The scum defence all claimed it and TBH I was expecting the whistle to be blown.

It'll be Clancy for the New Year game then.
If the SFA go by their pattern for the last few years it will be the 4th official for the Ref in the next game. That was Don Robertson.


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There wasn’t a lot for him to make a call on to be honest.

I guess it’s good when nobody is talking about the ref at the end of the game, fair play.
Nobody was talking about him at the end of his last OF game..... Until the media lickspittles were given the message. Don't let your guard down just yet...


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Mind his last OF game the abuse didn’t really start until a few days later, watch the taig media deflect the Celtic performance In favour of highlighting Morelos flicking browns ear
I can’t see it, Celtic were so thoroughly outplayed today there can’t be any excuses, even Lennon never made many and knew they were well beaten.


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Thought he had some funny ideas about what constitutes a foul. But at least he wasn't concentrating on cheating us today.

The retaliation for this tho' will be Clancy in the next.


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The last time he refereed us winning it was an easy win with no complaint until they'd had time to go through the game frame by frame and compile their grievances.

It'll be a few days before we know for sure if this was an easy win or a controversial shame-game won by the ref.


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Was a fair performance but at the same time don't think the game had any real big decisions in it to make


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Great refereeing. Let the game flow.
Players made it easy for him.
Not having a baying crowd obviously makes it easier.


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I'm not wanting to be over critical. He had an ok game. I don't think he gave us the benefits of any doubts and I think we should have had a couple of free kicks. But that's about it.

Totally agree about benefit of the doubts and he missed a few blatant ones like the one on Morelos in the second half when he was shoved in the chest as he ran with the ball.


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Just wait until Monday after the twats , sorry journalists, have dissected his performance in slo mo they will find something to carp about.


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No complaints today. Nice when the green hordes are not pressurising. Clancy will be gutted.


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I think this will show the influence of the media.

They will concentrate on the abject Celtic performance rather than the moments of the game and that will mean the focus isn’t on the referee.

The media have a massive part in narrative and the action taken thereafter.
They try and take the moral high ground but are completely irresponsible in what they stoke up.

No chance. They will be talking about Beaton/Morelos by Tuesday.


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Missed one tackle on Kamara and that was more his linesman and a challenge on Helander, that apart he was anonymous which is a good report for a ref


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Took too long for Celtic's first yellow as they had several fouls before he finally booked someone. Booked Arfield for less. Should have sent Duffy off - probably right to give Alfie the yellow but Duffy should have been off.

Other than that he didn't have a bad game. Not sure the far side linesman had a clue what was going on though. He needed assurances for every single call, no matter how simple.
at least he got the call for Conors first goal correct


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I don't know how we got the first yellow card and how he missed Kamara getting scythed down just outside of their box, but aside from that he had a decent game.

Probably the best OF performance by a ref in a long time. Light years ahead of Father Clancy's "attempt" the last time we went to the chamber of secrets.
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