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it was an easy game to referee.
There definitely weren’t as many ‘blood and thunder’ tackles as we’ve seen in the past.
Was that down to not having a crowd there and a bit of ‘edge’ being missing from the game because of that?
Suited us, as we are a more ‘technical’ team than them, so we were able to play our own game more easily.


I thought he was pretty poor actually. Late tackles on Kent and helander all went unpunished. Morelos should never have been booked if compared to those late tackles. Duffy lucky to be on the park.


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Dare I say, it looked to me like there was a handball by Kamara in the build-up to our second goal. The scum defence all claimed it and TBH I was expecting the whistle to be blown.

It'll be Clancy for the New Year game then.

Its usually whoever is 4th official does the next game and it was Don Robertson yesterday.

Beaton on the whole was fine yesterday had my worries he may try to even up after the game he had death threats from the scum. Surprised he didn't book Alfie for the slap on Brown as that's something he usually jumps on.

Laxalt and Macgregor should have been booked for them but other than that no real complaints.


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There wasn’t a lot for him to make a call on to be honest.

I guess it’s good when nobody is talking about the ref at the end of the game, fair play.
Wait until a few days later.

It'll take a few days but no stone will be left unturned in the search for excuses.


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I did not really notice the ref today. That normally means the ref had an ok game. I certainly don’t remember getting out my chair and giving it large about decisions against us. My only concern was Morelos being stupid and giving the ref an excuse to book him.


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I noticed some shirt pulling on us from corners. Assume we aren't giving penalties for that this year

Big D

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Always believed that the less you notice a referee, the better the game he's having. Nothing contentious today, don't think either manager or TV analysis mentioned him, so that suggests he did his job just fine.


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No real big calls to make but im sure the filth will find something to focus the blame game onto him
Its in their genes


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I'm shocked the linesman didn't flag for Goldson's first

It was a great move by him and a good call by the linesman, but I've seen them wrongly go against us all to often


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Give it until Tuesday or Wednesday when they’ll find something to be upset about.
They should have had a penalty when thumbheid went round Shagger. Instead of the usual dive he stayed on his feet. Walker criticised him in commentary for not going down.
Their logic will dictate that it should have been a penalty anyway because he should have dived, but didn't.


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It was a fairly easy game to ref, it helps when there isn’t 60,000 beasts to influence him.

However I’m sure the bears who seem incapable of happiness will be along shortly to tell us how he still somehow tried to cheat.

Dont think anyone is moaning about the ref, nothing to moan about and as you say was an easy game to ref.... wouldnt get too carried away though is only one match still sure to be plenty of cheating between now and the end of the season.

Clancy, Madden, Robertson, McLean, lot of previous there, Beaton too.

You could say Beaton didnt really get the chance to cheat us but suppose that would be a bit unfair or an example of being unhappy with life.:)


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Wonder whether the CO will now get on the act with Alfredo's assault on Brown's ear.

Beaton has been decent in our last game, by his and Scottish standards. Never thought I would say that after some of the shyte he handed our way in years past.

We do have good refs, the poor standard stuff is bollocks, but a lot depends on pressure/opposition/media coverage.

Madden and Beaton have been ok recently but theres a long long way to go and plenty of controversial decisions to be made.


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They cant use the ref as an excuse this time so now all we are going to hear about is how they had to play reserve team as all their huge stars were missing.


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Beaton had a good game yesterday and so did the rest of his team. Will await an apology from Ex Celtic “player“ Re his comments prior to game.


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You’ve lost me with this post mate? It doesn’t back up your point, at all. The consideration for Beaton yesterday would have been whether Duffy’s push was an act of violence, (was in brutal or excessive) and it wasn’t. ThT it was in retaliation to a foul would not come into the thinking.

The push was was a show of aggression, not a very good one I’ll grant you. A yellow card was correct for both players.

Now, let’s get back to laughing at Bheggars.


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Never had a difficult decision to make and no pressure from the Yahoo howlin hoards.

Easy shift


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You cannot underestimate how much of an influence the fans can have on a referee especially in a powderkeg atmosphere fullnof hate and venom.

He didnt have that yesterday so he had a pretty simple afternoon really. I have noticed a change in attitude within their team in regards to shouting for everything and anything against us. Im not saying they still don't appeal and moan for fouls they always will. But it almost feels as tho some of them know their days are all but done, especially Brown.

In games gone by or if that was a full house he would have hit the deck after that ear clipping, or atleast made it bigger than it was. Griffiths would have defo went down looking for a penalty if they had 60k screaming crackpots to pressure the officials.

I think they are losing the fight within them.


Is it just because they are not Lording it over a Rangers consisting of Rob Kiernan or Ian Black.


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Dare I say, it looked to me like there was a handball by Kamara in the build-up to our second goal. The scum defence all claimed it and TBH I was expecting the whistle to be blown.

It'll be Clancy for the New Year game then.

his hand wasn't extended and didn't move towards the ball , nor did it change the direction of the ball , so I would agree with the ref and more importantly the linesman foul


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Not a blood and thunder game and Beaton handled it okay.
That may change once Lieswell meets his lapdogs monday/Tuesday.
The Fat Jap will be requesting Clancy and Collum to steady their ship, next few weeks.
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