Belgium v Scotland


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Fraser forest and McGinn on the bench. Despite his recent arseholery, I thought Clarke was a far better manager than that.

There’s writing a game off, there’s protecting your stars from a hiding, and then there’s setting yourself up from the start. This is Levein all over again


Got a feeling Scotland will nick something tonight as ridiculous as it sounds. This is the kind of game the alky thrives in.

I'll be watching Davis and Jones hopefully pump Belarus but have Belgium -1 on my coupon.
You cannot compare the top teams firepower in the spl to that of Belgium...Night and day! An early goal and it could be a rugby score!!


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Expected a pumping tonight but that team selection all but confirms it. Be interested to hear Clarke’s reasoning behind some of those picks.


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Presumably Robertson isn't fit. Looks like a more defensive line-up than the last game which wouldn't be a surprise given we're away to the top-ranked team in the world.