Belgium v Scotland


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The likes of Northern Ireland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland often pick up points in these types of games.

Scotland, meanwhile, seem to take satisfaction for 'putting in a performance' and losing.


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That's a sad state of affairs really. Shows what the modern Scottish culture has done to a moderate thinking Rangers fan though.
Gave up at half time on Saturday it was so dull.

Didn’t realise there was a game on tonight and when I found out decided to go for a wee run.

And I’m one of the moderates, certainly not a Scotland hater.
Sad when I think back to my da getting ready for his pilgrimages to Wembley, and how even as a wean I was excited days before any game Scotland played. Now I honestly forgot they were playing until logged on here, and thinking the bigger doing the better.
They really do spoil everything they touch.