Belgium v Scotland


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Tom tim assured, if this was Big Eck in charge he wouldn't be so complimentary, the absolute fud.

Scotland defended as well as they could. They played as well as they could. But Scotland, with all of their players at 100%, couldn't beat this lot. They've got too much class. And they're going to beat better teams than Scotland 3-0. Scotland need to move on now and I think, in a year's time, Scotland will look a bit different, they'll have more confidence under Steve Clarke
There wasn’t any acceptance of the Kazakstan result.
What's changed?

Kazakhstan was just another example of dropped points to lesser sides when the other home nations (and Ireland) go and win those games.

We've seen Wales beat Belgium and the RoI take 4pts off of Germany in qualification. We never do that. It's just a shrug of the shoulders and 'we couldn't really be expected to take anything'...

A cycle of failure. An acceptance of failure.