Belgium v Scotland


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Forrest wins his 30th cap.

More Scotland appearances than Davie Wilson, Willie Henderson, Willie Johnston or Davie Cooper.

A cap meant something when thoses guys were playing.

Chris Iwelumo has more caps than John Brown.

Nigel Quashie has the same amount of caps as big DJ.


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Hazard gets in the area at the bye line. Stops ball. Stands and has a wee look round. Dinks ball onto Lukakus head. Goal.

Ollie Burke gets into area on bye line. Tried to control it. Fails. Next touch as he chases after ball sees him clatter into a defender as the ball bobbles harmlessly away. LOL


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Got a feeling Scotland will nick something tonight as ridiculous as it sounds. This is the kind of game the alky thrives in.

I'll be watching Davis and Jones hopefully pump Belarus but have Belgium -1 on my coupon.
Probably trying to lull the Belgians into a false sense of security ! :)


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'Stevie Clarke's Tartan Army' fucking hell
It’s the original diddy wee club supporter attitude.

Couldn’t care less that the team is utter dung. Only there to get pished

Exactly the sort of attitude has kept us living in the football world dark ages