Benfica matches away then home will let us know how good we really are.

Leith Ger

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I don't think it's fair to say that everything we have had has been easy in comparison because it's not but this will definitely be our toughest test to date. However, our team seem to rise to these kind of games so I fancy our chances. I personally would be fairly happy with 2 draws although it would be nice to get a win.


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If we defend well and pass the ball around like we did against Porto away last year we will have a decent chance. If we don’t keep the ball we could struggle


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I actually think Kilmarnock on Sunday will tell us more. No pressure at all going to Benfica but if we drop anything at Killie questions will be asked after all the stick the Tarriers have taken recently.


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That’s my position, they are the team to beat, and I expect them to take maximum points from the other two.

If they beat us twice they’d probably field reserves in the last 2 matches. We need to take points from them and guarantee qualification.

Being able to rest important players and give game time to the likes of Zungu and Itten could be very important in the coming months.

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While it will show where we are in terms of overall level in Europe, the games should be treated in isolation IMO. Don’t let it have a bearing on what goes on in the league or the remainder of the EL. We are undoubtedly playing our best league football since getting back into the SPFL and are in a strong position to qualify from the EL even if we got skelpt the next two games. The hysteria on here after Livi and Hibs was horrendous despite the performances being decent.


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Benfica will be the best team we will face this season. We know our limits, we will be built on a solid defence and play on the counter attack. Really need our front 3 firing like last season in the europa league to stand any chance


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The 2 games are free hits for us with all the pressure on them to beat us. They are a champions league team normally but if we can reproduce what we done against Porto then we can take points from them. If we lose to them then its not a disgrace either. Lech and Standard will take points off each other which will make the Standard game more important than Benfica.


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I think if we can get 2 or 3 points from the double header we are doing really well, realistically I think it will be 1 point.


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We will have space to attack, we have speed in Kent and either Jones or Barker.

Hopefully, they recognise this and are slightly wary of our attacking possibilities.

I have no fear in this game, we are probably expected to lose so we can play with no need to take chances.

True Blue Avenger

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If we do manage to come out on top over both these matches, do we get to keep Portugal? Cos let's face it, our record against their best teams is superb - Benfica the only one we haven't faced (and beaten) in recent times.

Will be tough games undoubtedly but I'm as confident watching us in Europe as I've ever been so I'm going for 2 wins and qualify as group winners with 2 games to play. Cigars oot and relax.


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Why do posters keep looking at the next set of games claiming this is going to be a proper test where we will find out what the team is made of?? Enjoy the run we are on at least for a fleeting moment ...

Seemingly Kilmarnock is going to be "massive" at the weekend as well. Let's face it they are all massive this season in the league.

I would say the next two games against Benfica are probably the least "massive" we will face all season because if we lose both we could still be in a comfortable position to qualify. They are free hits for us and if we get some points out of the double header then great but it won't define our season.


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At this point in time I would be happy with one win over the 2 games but I would never write us off to pull out all the stops and win both games


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Your only as good as you are on the day. No point doing well against teams like Benfica and drawing with mediocrity like Hibs


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3 points over the two games would be good. More than that and like most I would be over the moon and would be a great showing from the squad.


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Their only defeat this season has been PAOK in CL. They beat Lech Poznan 4-2 away which was a great result for them. They're clearly a quality side. However, it's safe to say we'll be competitive. Some of the one touch football last night and in other games recently has been breathtaking. We'll definitely create chances and with our defence looking pretty organised and mostly solid, who'd bet against another clean sheet? Can't wait!


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Benfica are top of the Portuguese league having won 5 out of 5, scored 15 goals and conceded only 3, with 2 wins in Europa League, away then home.
This will be a proper footballing test for us.
A draw away and a home win would be my optimistic hopes for us, but this will be a big ask.
What's your view on these 2 big games for us?
They won’t really. Also we did well enough against Porto and we’ve got a better squad now


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I would put Benfica up there with Leverkusen so think it will be a massive test. Granted, I don’t watch much football out with us so could be miles off.


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they clearly are a good side but the way we setup in Europe means we'll get chances on the break just need to be clinical


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My main worry is the number of games at the moment. Hope the guys are in peak condition to keep powering through. Each team in Europe has presented a different type of challenge and Benfica will be the biggest so far.

My Right Nut

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We get this every year, I am sick of it. Rapid will be a big test, middtylland (sp) will be a big test, Feyenoord, Porto, etc, etc, etc...

We are a very good and competent European team.


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Galatassary & Standard were were ‘proper tests’ which we passed but it’s daft not to accept that Benfica will be a step up.

We can give a good account of ourselves but it will need to be better than last night.


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I think next Thursday will be our first defeat of the season. No shame in that either and since we've got the 6 points already there isn't a lot of pressure on us.


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I don't know if they are Leverkusen good, but they don't look far off it. Settle for any points against them over the two games, a win would be superb and almost guarantee qualification early doors.
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