Benfica not Barcelona!


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I particularly liked "Our defence guaruntees us 2 points".

Its nice to know we'll never concede again so long as the current defence plays.


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We will get a draw away and beat them at Ibrox, book mark this.
I am confident we are going all the way to Gdansk (yes, i did need to google this)
I'll bookmark this for you,similar to all those who said we would be taking anything between 3 and 5 goals off Poznan,that worked out well and lots getting a tad carried away thinking we only have to turn up.

You'll be in for a very unpleasant surprise next Thursday, Benfica are no mugs and will be an extremely difficult game,they have quality players all over their team,very comfortable on the ball and pass very quickly,their defence has some good players and middle to front they pose a real danger given how quick they go forward,they press absolutely everything in order to win the ball back and play very high up the pitch.

Danger men for me are Grimaldo but think he might miss the game through injury, Cervi, Everton, Concalves and Rafa. Their front two of Darwin and Waldschmidt will need marked very closely,both of them are very capable and quick,especially Darwin.

Not expecting to take anything from both games against Benfica and why I think it's important to take what we can from the other games,Benfica will win the group.


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I grinned wen reading about benficas emphatic 3-0 home win over stan dard ..
Like many have said tho get through Sunday no injuries etc then worry about benfica.
Make no mistake they will be feeling the same about playing us ,and that can only be a good thing .
we have shagger in goals !!:))
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Or not giving the yahoos ammunition mate. we look silly if we start that nonsense, and it bites you on the arse.
Fvck the beasts. I've got more to worry about in life than what a mentally challenged thinks or says.