Bergkamp or Zola?

Bergkamp or Zola

  • Bergkamp

    Votes: 116 92.8%
  • Zola

    Votes: 9 7.2%

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Dennis Bergkamp.

Whilst moving up the age groups at Ajax he played in every position (bar in between the sticks) so he could understand and learn about each role, whether it be defensive or attacking.


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Bergkamp all day long...

Love this commentary

Watched a few Dutch games in the company of a massive Dutch contingent while in Portugal that summer...Hup Holland indeed.


Bergkamp for me everyday of the week. His goal against Newcastle and the one in the world cup against Argentina were just out of this world.

Saying that I did love Zola, great player but not on the same level as Bergkamp.


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It's Bergkamp.

He was instrumental in taking Arsenal back to the level required to win the league and instrumental in keeping them at that level throughout Wenger's successful years.

Without him they simply wouldn't have topped United in 97/98.


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Two extremely talented players. Both geniuses at their trade. Bergkamp edges it for me.

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Bergkamp by a distance for me. Was always rangers and arsenal as a boy so one of my heroes growing up. Absolute beast of a player


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Bergkamp for me.

Always hoped he would finish his career with us.

Utterly sublime footballer.