Bertie Auld. Ally Begg just shared (then deleted) a horrible story.


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Words sometimes fail me when I read about these tramps.
But not this time - a jakey tim tells a tale about a manky tim having a wee accident whilst talking to a girl on the phone. Think what would have happened to skanky old auld if it was an alter boy that also played for CBC. Bertie would look like that guy from South Park


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Had to google him as I forgot what he looked like.

In the first half a dozen images on google images there’s a picture of him in a Rangers jersey with Rod Stewart.

Anyone know what that’s about?


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For a player ever associated with the “cavalier football” (no sniggering please) of that Celtic team, as a manager with Thistle he was responsible for fielding some of the most miserable defensive sides I have had the misfortune to witness.
Let’s not forget Hibs as well.


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He used to get rolled out for the cameras on all things Celtic during the 80s & 90s but never heard from now thankfully.. he stopped hiding (or being able to hide) what a bitter bastard he really is.
Always looks like one of those right nasty drunks.


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He’s a dirty old dick. Was paying some younger bint to service him not so long ago and lavishing her with gifts


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There are many who have worn their colours who deserve our contempt.

But my old man, who attended Rangers games home and away between 1947 and 2014, singled out Auld as the Celtic player he despised more than any other.

Given how much he hated plenty of them in the years we watched Rangers together, Auld must have been really despicable.
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Disgusting. Probably park flashes in his spare time. Remember no applause or minutes silence when he goes!!


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So this is a funny story?
He has a dry wank and shoots his load in his own trousers!
Maybe this passes as a hilarious ditty in the these peoples world?

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