Best ever pre sesson friendly?


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Been to plenty pre season games over the years, this has to be the one I enjoyed the most. Proper atmosphere and both teams going for it. Can't believe it's 12 years ago.

I remember Drogba afterwards raving about the Ibrox noise.

Probably the one closest for me was in 1989 v Spurs when Ian Ferguson and Gazza had a running battle.

Rangers 2 Chelsea 0, 2007 wins it.



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Either that or Fulham away. That was like a competitive game with a cracking winner.

Emirates tourney was good but more so the social side of it.

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Sheffield Wednesday,twice.
Emirates tournament.
Bristol City
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Chelsea and Derby away are personal favourites.

St James Park would get an honourable mention of I could remember one f.u.cking thing about it!


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For me the Home game would have to be chelsea friendly , away would have to be newcastle tournament for the sing song and the night out afterwards that was a good weekend
Enjoyed a good few over the years. Nigel Winterburn testimonial was a cracking day out in Andy Fordham's boozer at the time The Queens Arms in Woolwich.


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anyone saying anything other than beating Chelsea 2-0 has a heart of stone.

hardly a dry eye in the house as Sebo rifled home the stunner.

Beating man city 3-2 was another cracker


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Aug 9th 1967

Rangers 5-3 Eintracht Frankfurt

Sorensen, Johansen, Provan, Jardine, McKinnon, Greig, Henderson, Penman, Ferguson, D.Smith and Johnston (Persson)

Rangers had four new signings making their Ibrox debut that night, which was an extremely high number of debutants, when you consider that on average we would sign one new player each season back then.
There was much upheaval going on at Ibrox that year.
The previous six months alone, had seen Rangers dispose of four forwards,
Jim Forrest, George McLean, Jimmy Millar and Davy Wilson,
who between them, had notched somewhere in the region of 550 goals for Rangers.
The four new signings that would make their Ibrox debuts that night were
Erik Sorenson, a Danish International goalkeeper.
Andy Penman, an inside right from Dundee, renowned for his intelligent passing, and a ferocious shot.
Alex Ferguson, a forward from Dunfermline, and a record buy in Scotland at the time.
Orjan Persson, a six foot Swedish International winger signed from Dundee United.

In what was a really open and exciting game, Rangers ran out 5-3 winners, before an ecstatic crowd of 60,000 fans, that roared their favourites to victory with a repertoire of famous songs sung loudly and proudly under the recently covered Rangers end.
All the Rangers goals came from the new boys.
Alex Ferguson helped himself to a hat trick,
Andy Penman put one away,
and big Orjan Persson came off the bench to score the fifth.


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Arsenal away the 3-3 game.

Fulham away with Prso scoring a great goal, I think we pretty much filled 3 of the 4 stands that day.


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Chelsea @ the bridge in '85 - I think
It was in aid of the Bradford fire disaster

Apart from getting kept in for almost an hour at the end - & the score - 3-2 ? - It was a great night -


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Remember a game at old rugby park about 86/87ish when Durrant absolutely rifled a shot in the warm up,went over the bar nearly knocked a guy clean oot nd him an mccoist were pishing themself laughing!


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That Chelsea game was unbelievable. Sat in the Govan Front I hadn't realise Sebo's shot had been deflected, thought he had scored the best goal ever.

The team was transformed almost overnight under Walter earlier in the year, knew after that game we were onto something special.


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The tournaments with Sampdoria were good.

Chelsea game excellent.

Cant be bothered with friendly games now.


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Chelsea. Actually went to the Ajax game that midweek which was a real friendly atmosphere compared to the bedlam at the Chelsea game