Best foreigner to play in Scotland but never played with either Old Firm


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In terms of how he performed when at one of those clubs it's hard to see past Gillhaus; top player. The Aberdeen fixture in those days was the best ever, and very exciting; great days.

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The UK is England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is England, Scotland & Wales.

So, Northern Ireland is part of the UK but isn't part of Great Britain.

The Good Friday Agreement gave people born in Northern Ireland the right to claim British Citizenship.

In a similar way, residents of the Channel Islands also have the right to claim British Citizenship, despite the Channel Islands not being part of Great Britain or the UK.
You are correct in the geography sense, but it was not the GFA which allowed NI people to be declared British. I was born in 1971 British, and I’ll die British. We didn’t get any right to Britishness from the GFA, in actual fact it allowed people in NI to claim their Irishness. The opposite.

PS: Gillhaus in my time.


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My uncle - Hearts man - always went on about how Stephane Adam was one of the best he’d seen. Also scored against us in the 98 Scottish Cup Final.
Yep, Stephane Adam was high on Adocatts wish list (...or Murrays) at the time I'm sure. Couldnt agree game time I think. Right cracking striker though.


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Zeroalli at Aberdeen?
Stavrum at Aberdeen?
Skatchel at Hearts ?
Nemsadze or Caberello at Dundee?

I know these are probably spelt wrong but can’t be arsed looking up
Seriously.....Stavrum? Gillhaus was a class above him at Aberdeen. Even went to the World Cup with Holland whilst an Aberdeen player and started matches along side the likes of Van Basten and Gullit. Stavrum couldn't lace his boots.


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It's George Best.

In football you're foreign if you aren't playing in the country you're eligible to play for.


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My great - grandpa, (even though it's completely irrelevant as he was still British & it was pre-war era :shh: :)) ) lmao ...



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I always thought Zerouali at the sheep was a decent wee player. 7 Caps for Morocco. Died in a car crash aged 27.


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Maybe not the best but worth a mention is Ilian Kiryakov who played with the Sheep & starred at WC1994 with that formidable Bulgarian team and had a pretty good CV too.
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Doesn't he have a WC winners medal?
No but he was part of the 1994 squad though (along with Paul Le Guen) that failed to qualify

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Caballero and Julian Speroni were good for Dundee.

Stephane Adam and a few other Hearts players from that era were decent as well.


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Not including guys who were near the end of their career like Sauzee or Ravanelli etc.

Gillhaus? Nemsadze?

Based on how they played here not what they went on to become.

Obviously further clarification is needed. When I say foreigner I mean not Scottish, English, Welsh or Northern Irish.
nemsadze was class too

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Hadnt heard of him, before my time, but a wee google search and he seemed to have some career path. Ferencvaros, Standard liege, Aberdeen, ajax, dortmund! Wikipedias got him as a midfielder with 10 goals in 26 games for aberdeen, is that right or was he more of a winger/ number 10?
If you had to pigeon hole him,more of a 10, but he was simply a fantastic footballer.