Best save McGregor Vs Goram

Which was the better save

  • McGregor Vs Werder Bremen

    Votes: 122 37.8%
  • Goram Vs Van Donkey

    Votes: 201 62.2%

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Klos v McSwegan was better than both. Both are more or less straight at them.
Both do exceptionally well to get strong hands on them, no doubt.

Goram's best save was for Scotland away in Latvia.


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Allan Mcgregor is the best save, watching that game at the time that ball was in everybody knew it stunning save, Andy Goram was an absolute god for us, if Andy had been our goalie in the late 60s - mid 70s we may have had alot more silverware than we got, Allan Mcgregor is a great goalie also, unfortunately he's now showing a few cracks to his game still my 2nd favourite behind Goram.
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Goram for me wins it by a mile.Not only does he save it,he manages to put it by for a corner.

Goram had a save at Parkhead for Motherwell which also defies belief.

6mins 40secs

Notable mention for McGregors save vs Samaras at Parkhead.Incredible stop.

50 secs
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erskine bear

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McGregor comfortably for me, can understand why 9IAR era bears will go goram but in my opinion it’s essentially right down the middle , cracking save from a reaction perspective none the less , McGregor has to get to the other side of the goal and tip it onto the bar


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Goram for me. Maybe it's an age thing but Goram's save to me was one the best of all time.


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Andy Goram wins this.

He actually watches Van Hooijdonk do the scissor move and throws his hand exactly where hes going to batter it. Theres a half second watching him arrive where he reacts.


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Very tough. Goram was in centre of his goal as you’d expect and got a very strong hand to it instinctively. The Tim puts that anywhere else and it’s probably a goal.

McGregor knee what he was doing as soon as the ball was played across his box very athletic but need the help of the crossbar otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about it.

I’m going to go with Goram this time. But I remember celebrating shagger’s save like we scored!


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Goram's is a brilliant save, but a bad miss as well.
I reckon McGregor's is best out of the 2 but both brilliant saves in their own right.

Generational thing obviously but McGregor has to be up there with Goram as our best ever?