Best save McGregor Vs Goram

Which was the better save

  • McGregor Vs Werder Bremen

    Votes: 122 37.8%
  • Goram Vs Van Donkey

    Votes: 201 62.2%

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Danger Zone

Just the tip...
Goram's is a brilliant save, but a bad miss as well.
I reckon McGregor's is best out of the 2 but both brilliant saves in their own right.

Generational thing obviously but McGregor has to be up there with Goram as our best ever?
Wouldn’t have McGregor anywhere near Goram personally. Far too many clangers, as good as he is.


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Goram wins it for be on two counts. He shouldn’t be anywhere near it and most importantly that keeper shirt is a thing of beauty.


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The Goram save was incredible. The McGregor save for me is just even better, the fact he was scrambling across the face of his goal and manages to get just enough of a hand on it to flick it onto the bar was incredible.

Johnny Yen

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Goram, every day of the week.

There was a save he had for Scotland, away to Estonia or some mob like that, it was astonishing, similar to Gordon Banks famous save, remember reading the journos report on the game, he wrote something along the lines of - it was almost beyond comprehension how Goram got to it.


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Goram for me.
I remember the stadium falling silent in disbelief.
Turned to my brother and asked "Did that just happen?"


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When you think about these two and add in guys like Klos or Woods we've been blessed to have some exceptional goalkeepers over the years.

Jaws II

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Shagger is a very good keeper but has always been prone to the odd howler.

Goram is the best keeper I have ever seen. Even when in a one on one situation I was always confident Andy would make the save.

So Goram’s save here is better.


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Goram’s is the one, however i remember my heart skipping a beat as McGregor made that save in Bremen


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Instinctively thought Goram based on memory, but on rewatching the videos, I actually now think that McGregor’s is marginally the better save.


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These questions are getting harder. Two amazing saves but it's Goram for me.
The Bremen player is stretching to make contact and doesn't totally have control of his effort whereas Huge Donkey does everything just about right and 99 times out of 100 it goes in. Tough one though.


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Too young for Goram myself so have to go with Shagger.

Probably the best instinct save I've seen from a Gers goalkeeper, or maybe any goalkeeper. Will always live in the memory.


Both outstanding saves but as others have said I feel the fact McGregor had to scramble across to get there just edges it.

The Goram save is hit more at him, but could argue that's because his positioning was better in the first place.

I just remember being completely awestruck watching that McGregor save.


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controversial but I'm going McGregor. The ground he covered to get to that ball is amazing. The rest of the team are shouting for offside thinking the ball is destined for the net, meanwhile McGregor is too busy stopping the ball.


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Andy Goram personal reasons enjoyed watching match
Alan’s save was great but was out on works function So not quite the same celebration


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McGregor’s save. Defies belief still when I watch it and he had to cover ground.

Goram’s save is excellent but I doubt it would be quite so highly thought of it was against St Mirren or Kilmarnock rather than against them. Pure reaction save.
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