Best save McGregor Vs Goram

Which was the better save

  • McGregor Vs Werder Bremen

    Votes: 122 37.8%
  • Goram Vs Van Donkey

    Votes: 201 62.2%

  • Total voters


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I’m gong to say McGregor because it was slightly more athletic but Jesus Christ that’s a tough choice.

Goram was a world class goalkeeper though mid 90s, sensational.


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Goram for me purely because the goalie was my hero growing up.
So not based on the actual saves at all then? :D

McGregor's is the better save for me. He covers the ground well and has no right whatsoever getting there.


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Thread title says 'Best Save', so it has to be Goram.

McGregor's probably more important save though.

Holy sh*t we've had some awesome keepers over the years!


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Funnily enough, I was at a speaker night a couple of weeks back that Goram was doing.

He mentioned this save, and said Van Donkey telegraphed it for him by the way he had shaped his body, meaning he could only be going to put it one place. Obviously he was being modest as it's an incredible save. But he reckons shaggers in Bremen was better, so I have went with his own judgement in my choice.


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Both pretty top class saves. That Bremen save was outstanding at the time. Goram’s was the better save though.
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