Best Views in the stadium?


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I always prefer the side stands as opposed to behind the goal. I used to have a season ticket in the Govan rear around the centre, cracking view. Now that I just go on a match by match basis I like the main stand front.


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Personally, I prefer the view from the press gantry. Its a wee bit lower and a slightly shallower angle to the pitch
That's a sore one with me, why have our haters got one of, if not the best seats in the stadium.
Relegate them to somewhere with a restricted view, preferably outside the park.


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Had hospitality once in club europe second front row in the CD got to admit it's a brilliant view from there


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Used to sit in mlf. Three seats to the side of the directors box last row so was fantastic view but seats were beyond tight and it actually made going to games a pain literally in the legs. Now in bar72 between 18 yard and half way line front row and it’s perfect. Leg room amazing and it’s great being able to lean on to the front of the stand


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Govan rear about halfway up, front 15 rows of club deck too. Even at either end in both, it's a brilliant view.

I've sat/stood in every part of the ground since 1985.


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Centre of Main Stand for me, although both the Club Deck and Sandy Jardine Stand will have excellent views too.

Used to be in the Copland, but it's a much poorer view of the game.


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Been in the Directors Box and had a ST in the Main Stand Front for 15 years,also been in every part of the stadium but nothing beats my seat in Club Deck 4,right on the half way line.
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I’ve had a season ticket in Bar 72, Main Stand, Govan Rear amongst others but where I am currently in the Club Deck is the best view of the pitch I’ve had.
Used to sit row X of GR4 two seats in from the aisle. Couldn't line it up better against centre line and what a view of the main stand!


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GR4, midway up the stand, seats 114-118

I'm 3rd row from back, a few seats off the half way line and I prefer my view to bar72, front rows seem far too close, but not sure if it's just because I'm used to being further away

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Got moved from BR to just behind Bar72 on half way line for Warsaw and Feyenoord games and have to say they were the best seats I’ve been in by a distance.

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I'm CD1 with one row in front of me and an exit in front of them, the view is brilliant.
I'm sure the next section towards the centre is £150+ more expensive.


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Had a decent seat for a good few years in GF3.
Moved to MFM last season but wish I hadn’t
Cracking view but a better atmosphere and bunch of guys roundabout in the Govan.
Going to try and get a seat transfer after the deadline has passed.


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I've had two seats in MFN for well over 30 years and they're great seats.
So much so that I've kept the pair of them even although my lads been living out of the country for the last five years, I've been unable to attend a lot of matches in the last two seasons due to an injury and like most of us, I don't even know how many games we'll be allowed into next season but I just can't let them go...they're too precious!
MFN loyal! Love it.


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Thorough investigations were carried out by myself and @Barryhopez after the boycott when getting back our season tickets.

Govan East corner won on loads of levels

General atmosphere
Value for money
Acceptance of drunk and comment :D

Alot of work went in. Was all worth it.

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Lucky enough to have watched a game from Directors Box, hard to beat. My own seat in Bar72 front row is brilliant, not central but still a cracking view.


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One of the often forgotten things about our stadium is that very very few seats have any kind of restricted views of the pitch. Considering the age of the ‘new stands’ and the main stand’s listed status, it’s a brilliantly designed and modernised stadium, that rivals many newer more modern arenas. The absolute jewel in the crown.


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My avatar is the view from the main stand the seat was right behind the director box. Sat behind Dave King that night v Villareal. was the best view I’ve had at Ibrox.


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GF4 right on halfway line row q
Was GF4 before I moved to Canada in 2007. Row U, 5 seats in from middle of the stand. Looked straight down the tunnel. Fantastic seat.

Made my dad take it on (he hadn't been for 30yrs) - just in case I sh*t myself and came back from Canada :)) . Still here after all these years. It was too good a seat to leave to someone else (no offense fellow bears).


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Had 10 years in GR4 row M about 10 seats in, an amazing seat, I also like the Clubdeck, was up there for The Parma game..... Brilliant !