Bill Leckie article on Ibrox atmosphere has one small flaw

Loud and proud

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The sun is just a collection of fenian bastards and Rangers haters gave carte blanche to write anything negative about Rangers they possibly can.
Baffles me why any Rangers fan would buy that pish paper.


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Just another mood hoover spouting anything negative he can muster up about Rangers, reads as though Craigan had a hand in it too, another glass half empty no mark.


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You can tell he has already scripted that for the first game with fans back. It now looks a long way off and hes thought bugger it I will put it to print anyway.


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Serious question - do the papers not have Editors anymore?

The editors are probably the most to blame on the decline and future demise of the newspaper industry with their backing and willingness of their subordinates . This clown can't bring himself to write an original positive piece on us so resorts back to negativity endorsed of course by his anti Rangers editor . It's really starting to hit them hard , good thing is we are ready for them now.......WATP


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He’s wanted to write a negative article before the game kicked off. The outcome was never going to matter.

What a sad bastard.


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Bet he had a cosy night in all by himself having a cry wank writing that with a blunt crayon, bawhumbug ya sad rat


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Bizarre reading from someone who thankfully is totally insignificant. Doesn't he even check facts?
The editor as well, what the fcuk is he thinking allowing that nonsense?


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Another half a million pounds in the bank when your heroes only got a third of that.
We’ll keep winning thank you and you can keep crying.

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This wee snivelling excuse for a human will be in tears when we clinch 55 ... he's hurting already as he sees it looming large on the horizon


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Only constant in his life is his hatred of Rangers,always looking for a negative when writing about us
Remember him from the pub in Paisley years ago when he worked at the local rag,to call him a bore would be a disservice to pub bores
Probably saving up for a bride
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