Bit of pressure on Timmy to win tomorrow

Rusty Shackleford

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You have to wonder what dropped points tomorrow would do to them. Despite having a historically bad start to their season there are still many in their ranks backing their manger claiming that there’s “progress” and he’s been hampered by the board/referees/bad luck. With the games they have coming up as well we might start to see some tim on tim fighting.


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Most of the lunatics over at KDS wondering why they aren't a man down with a penalty given against them!

C-L-A-N-C-Y - they really are such dhimwits if they can't see that!


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Celtic bench seems really weak today.

Welsh, Soro, Bain, Bitton, Montgomery, Scales, Moffat.

I’ve never even heard of Scales and Moffat


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Absolutely in stitches here - wife shouts whit in the F is that - looks up to see one of Celtic’s subs - wife shouts they have replaced thumb with a heid in that boy