Bit of pressure on Timmy to win tomorrow


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I wouldn’t say i’m expecting them to drop points, like I was last Oct/Nov where I knew points would be shipped to Aberdeen, Hibs et al. But I would say it’s 50/50 whether they win or not Tomorrow.
The cnuts cnut.

I always enjoy saying I told you so.

Not exactly nostradamus stuff.

But better than the f ers who said they would pump them.
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Dave Angell

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So, Angeball eh?



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They spent a good chunk of money this season and still didn't improve their defence or midfield. A midfield of Rogic, Turnbull and McGregor will not win you very much.


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Ill tell you what ange is spot on in regards to the league going to the wire.what a battle it will be between the sheep and them for a top six spot :p B-)