Bit of pressure on Timmy to win tomorrow


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Some pain :

I was just thinking back to past managers, and times when I genuinely felt utterly dispirited by our squad. And whilst there were horrible times with Brady, Macari, Venglos and Mowbray, I can make a fairly convincing argument for this being the worst squad we have had since the heady days of Carl Muggleton.

How you can recruit a manager with a particular playing style, then fill the side with players utterly unsuited to play it? And only then realise that, rather than doing what proficient managers do and adapt to play with what he has, we have a one trick pony for a manager.

I could look at the longer term and worry that, with a smug board utterly bereft of football nous and a chronic lack of leadership, we could be in a hole for years. But in the short term, Angeball is done. It will turn ugly in October.


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I liked it. Also predicted them not winning days ago. I think DU will finish fourth. Good side. Missing a top striker.
I was just trying to explain i wasn't intentionally being obnoxious for a change, someone else had drew my attention back to that post


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One of the few positives today, along with Lundstram and the keeper, over to them now.

Remember, it’s not a defeat that matters. Its failure to collect maximum points. A draw is as good as a DU win really.

@zFuturesBright liked this tonight so i saw this post again

If you watch Scottish football without fear and analyse it with logic, its obvious where things are going...


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There's a wee square I've heard a lot about! Nice wee benches to sit with a carryout and admire the shrubbery :))
Sturdy benches? Could they take a grown man or 2 doing the bouncy?

If not, we could replace the benches? Mind you, someone might compare the damage caused to that of the blitz.


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The names of the guys on the ascom podcast really play to the gallery of your average sellick fan John-Paul, Connolly etc. I just need a Liam or Sean to complete the bingo card.

I'm sure it's Paul-John, just for some originality, or was the father illiterate?
It didn't surprise me. I thought they played some excellent fast moving attacking football against us.
I think the result against us provided Utd confidence to play them at football. The Fuchs midfield general was awesome today. Booked early , still competed, distributed , skilful on the ball too. He was influential against us too.
As a previous poster indicated, he is definitely a player to watch going forward. Everything came through his influence today.


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That’s a tricky one to be fair. Always nice to see Aberdeen struggle after having lived in the north east for a number of years. All in all it’s been a good day. Just need Steelers to win now.
No one likes Aberdeen

But the chance to see Celtic in the bottom half while everyone is doing a modern take on Hans Christian Anderson and the emperor's new clothes; "i can see what he's trying to do" was not to be missed".
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Seen McCarthy up close at Goodison loads, lacks movement and can’t play a pressing game. His two mates in midfield struggle to last more than an hour so with the right tactics and approach it was no surprise the game ended up a draw.


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As a long time reader who usually flies under the radar on FF, I remember last season every time a young and bullish fan posted suggesting Rangers would win the league or Celtic might drop points that we had to shout them down. This was tempting fate. Tav and Stevie G might read FF and take the game too lightly. Or the gods of bad juju might look unfavourably upon us and ensure we lost.

So is everyone else like me raging that the clubs "official media partner" were putting two fingers up to mount Olympus and suggesting that the might Roarcelona might not win every game if we dared utter the suggestion?

Or is that all a load of bollocks? ;)
@Positively Blue thought this post had been deleted unil your like :p