Blackpool vs Rangers MyGers


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It looks like they are doing it the way the travel club did it by registering first then it will open to different groups


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thought we wouldn’t get this so didn’t make arrangements

to short notice now

everyone that gets to Blackpool doesn’t get flag day :rolleyes:


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Absolute Disgrace the lack of feedback from hospitality re VIPGers and a range of other questions. Seriously fucked off with it and I’ve not even smear in my seat since signing up last year.
3 emails. Zero replies. No access to the John Lundstrum interview. No access to apply for Blackpool away. Just getting treated like absolute mugs. Pay your money and STFU.


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Does anyone know if you register interest and you are successful and buy the ticket, would it rule you out of any of the other friendlies despite it not being at Ibrox ? It’s a certainty this will go to a ballot.

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Have you registered for VIP MyGers already TRB ? I have been asking the T.O. what the plan is for renewals but all I get back is "wait for the Welcome letter". That was over two weeks ago ! Wonder why I bother sometimes...

Have been unable to, asked on several occasions. Just tried to register for Blackpool but it won’t let me and is telling me to buy a MyGers membership, joke.