Boilngoli set to be sent back to Parkpaed early,


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He's in here somewhere:

It's the C*ltic 2021 game - "Where's Boli?"


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OK so let me get this right Good GoliMissMoli didn't catch Covid going to Spain to see his bird whilst possibly picking up some duty free Snus for Neic. Good GoliMissMoli got found out so Neic blamed him for going and to make an example of him sent him to play as a "separate entity" somewhere warm and sunny to make an example of him for getting found out going to see his bird somewhere warm and sunny and exposing himself possibly to Covid even though he didn't actually have Covid. Neic then took the rest of Good GoliMissMoli's teammates to somewhere warm and sunny where a bloke on crutches who probably shouldn't have been there then actually did catch Covid and possibly has infected 13 of Good GoliMissMoli's teammates even though Good GoliMissMoli didn't actually catch Covid. So to make an example of him Neic is bringing him back from somewhere warm and sunny to join a team with the possibility that he might catch Covid. Although clearly not somewhere warm and sunny. Phew well Im glad we've got all that sorted then