Boli Bolingoli And Celtic Breaching COVID Rules - Sturgeon “Celtic and Aberdeen not expected to play for at least next week”


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Isn't it the rule if you travel less than 7 days you only have to self isolate the equivalent of the days you are out the country? i.e. 2 days away means only 2 days isolation.


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So thumbheed and Bolobolo have broke the rules, Don't expect phuck all to happen here.

Dougie Gray

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Not having fans is a bugger but at least we have football to watch. Imbeciles like him Griffiths and the sheep players will be getting the game stopped.

We Are Rangers

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He’s apologised? The sheep and the tarriers are ready to bring the game into disrepute.

If this was Barasic for instance, it’d be breaking news. Another internal imvestigation, interesting...
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