Borna - any injury news?


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He's a damn sight better than Halliday who's defending and use of the ball at Rugby Park was horrible.
Halliday done ok at rugby park, for use of ball on Wednesday see Kent, Aribo and Tav every time they had possession it inevitably went to an opposing player.


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On the flipside, had Alfies goal not be disallowed Halliday would have had 2 assists.

I think he is terrible as well but he offers much more than Flanagan.
Had that goal counted, you are a hard man to please. It would have 2 assists from the 2nd choice left back who cost us nothing


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No he's not. Halliday isn't anywhere near Barisic's level, but Flanagan barely plays the same sport!
Rubbish. Flanagan defends better than Halliday. If that was Flanagan defending their first goal at Rugby Park in midweek he would be getting slaughtered.

Gerrard binned Flanagan after his first half performance at Tynecastle - mainly due to him being a foul from a red. He played more attack minded balls than Kent and our midfield in the first half and he wasn't all over the place like Polster for Hearts first goal.

Halliday's first three balls on Wednesday soared out the park. He could barely find a Rangers player and was getting caught out of position - reason it was so obvious apart from the massive gap down that side was the near side linesman was a cheating khunt who never once put his flag up in our favour.

Watch Halliday defend the first goal. A carbon copy of the ball he got caught under at East Fife that they almost scored from.

He's murder. As is Flanagan. Both out of contract in the summer, both need binned. Not one of them good enough to fill in and adjust to our system and set up (not that, that is all on them).
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