Borna Barisic in stunning Rangers recovery as left-back ranked in top four Europa League defenders


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I have always stuck by this lad, but whilst I thought he was good last night, I didn't think he was that good, whereas in the past when people have said he was bad, I didn't see it to the extent they did.
Instead, I just think he is a cracking football player who is taking his time settling into Rangers.
I have always said that he will prove to be a very good purchase because he quite simply is a very good football player.
Yes, I agree. I have always stuck up for him and thought that given time, he could potentially reach his promise.

Brother Crockett

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Best game in a Rangers shirt last night and happy to eat humble pie if it continues.
Also interesting concept left footed left back and left footed cb play well together.
I like that idea too. It means you don't get that inside right channel which is the weaker side of both the fullback and the central defender- it also is easier for the CH to clear crosses from their right wing.


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The big guy was super last night best I have seen him play for us, it can only do him good, now he needs a run in the team, and if he can attack like so last night, then the place in the team is his.


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But remember folk on here telling us our players don’t want to pass to him?

Or the fact he’s a Croatian internationalist doesn’t mean anything?

Where are they now?
Most likely on the bevvy still enjoying Rangers winning rather than sticking to the view people should have fixed, never changing opinions and getting angry at strawmen on the internet mate.


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I ate shit on here for 2 reasons most of the summer.

Kent signing.
Borna coming good.

Just came on to say there's proof of the player we have, now we must harness his abilities, and unleash said abilities under the correct circumstances.

For me he is another Hemdani.

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
But remember folk on here telling us our players don’t want to pass to him?

Or the fact he’s a Croatian internationalist doesn’t mean anything?

Where are they now?
Conspicuous by their absence and the lack of sarccy “but, but he plays for Croatia” type comments.

Also don’t buy that bollocks about those folk celebrating the win, whenever we won and he had a poor game they were never slow in getting in to tell everyone how he’s a shitebag with the heart of a mouse and Croatia must be in big trouble if they’re having to select him.
He's always had the ability but just lacked the toughness you expect from a player from Croatia. Bit of a shitebag but hopefully kicks on from here, better than any other option we have even if he has an off game


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He's definitely kicked on and had a good look at himself in the mirror since THAT Liverpool game, the change in attitude this season is very apparent. There's undoubtedly more to come from him, I hope he realises his full potential.


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The damning of Borna that routinely took place on FF illustrates why we should view the opinions put forth by armchair experts in forums such as this with a healthy dose of skepticism. Here we had a guy signed after putting in really impressive performances for Osijek against Rangers that marked him out as a player of real potential. Moreover, he was a regular starter for Croatia, a side ranked way above Scotland by FIFA in the international standings. Yet despite all of this many Rangers fans were quick to write him off, urging the management to unload him for whatever the club could get.

In my own posts on the subject of Barisic, I always urged patience. He had nothing to prove as to his actual ability. What was at issue was whether the slow start to his Rangers career was attributable to his difficulty adjusting to life in Scotland, or more particularly, to life in the SPL, populated as it is by thuggish hammer throwers - a far cry from the technical, skill-based football played in his home country. Or was it down to a confidence thing, resulting from being a starter then relegated to a place on the bench over and over again.

The game he played against Feyenoord should have settled the 'quality issue', he was outstanding, Let us all hope that last night's game was a turning of the corner for Barisic's Ibrox career, and that he can go on the fulfill his potential - 'there was always a player there'.


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I don't want to go all guns blazing for him to revert back to what is now the norm for him in domestic games, but I was buzzing off his performance on Thursday.

There was a moment in the first 10 minutes that he got the ball, done a step over and went by a man that massively pleased me. Something so simple, but something that shows he has a bit of confidence back. I've genuinely not seen him do that since his first few games. Its always a safe pass backwards or inside.

He continued to win his duels, go past men, be aggressive in tackles and show what we know he can do going forward.

I'm praying he keeps this going and turns in a similar performance on Sunday. If we get the real Barisic playing for us is a game changer, but its a big IF.


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Was always going to be a player you dont hold down the LB position for Croatia if you dont have quality