Bothering Players/Ex Players

mark hateley

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Obviously varies from player to player, but I've never bothered whenever I've spotted a player. Just let them get on with their business.

Funnily enough, years ago me and my mate saw Gavin Rae in blockbuster. My mate said out loud (he's not very subtle and a bit thick tbh) "There's Gavin Rae!!" While pointing like a maniac. At this stage the bold Gavin (who happened to be browsing the DVDs at this point) moved to within a foot or so of us and continued to stare blankly at the shelves. I turned round to my mate and said "So it is." We about turned and walked out, while the now dejected Gavin tucked away his best Parker pen with a look of sorrow on his face...ok the last part was a lie but the rest was true, I'm guessing he didn't get asked for an autograph very often.
You missed a chance with a legend and former captain.

Shame on you.
Lafferty was in front of me in the Chadwick stand yesterday. Got absolutely mobbed and left at half time.
No he never he just moved seats my pals were with him

I saw Davis, Wes and Goldson in the airport two weeks ago but didn’t even go up for a chat.
I wanted to, but I was myself and didn’t have a clue what to say haha


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Saw Albertz in Dusseldorf Airport flying to Glasgow and I was so stunned to see him I actually hugged him.

Then it hit me "why the %^*& are you hugging him"

He was brand new though posed for pictures and chatted to us for ages.


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Bumped into Barry Ferguson at prestwick airport , he seemed happy to have a quick chat and got a photo took , said he was heading to Faro for a golfing trip ,took a minute of his time. Think it would be different if he was out with family at a meal , I wouldn’t interrupt , but meeting in public I don’t think it’s a issue.


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I think it's fine to try get a pic with a player/ex-player when being polite and decent. I am sure they'll let you know if it's a problem. It's people who try to annoy and wind up players/ex-players that get me. Just fucking move on and leave them if you aren't interested.
Met Ferguson and Malcolm at my old work and Ferguson was a horrible person, epitomised the phrase "never meet your heroes" as he's my all-time favourite player. Boab was brand new but I know a mutual friend which helps.


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I just say hello, met Nacho at the Odeon not long ago, a wee nod and a "Nacho" was all I said.

Met Numan and talked to him for ages, but I was 14 lol.

Any other player I've met has been at a function (POTY, Hall of Fame etc.) and even then I've been hesitant. I met Gerrard and spoke to him for a minute, people kept interrupting us to ask him for a photo, it was annoying but expected.


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I think I'm right that Jorg Albertz, like Arthur Numan, likes to come to supporters' nights etc.? Most players are usually fine for a quick photo.

S English

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I find most ex players are really rude when I politely knock on their doors and ask for a pic and an autograph, they need to remember who pays their wages !!

S English

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I forget the name of it but I got a book at Christmas about a guy who met all of the 9 in a row players and was quite interesting hearing which players spent a lot of time with him . I’ve saw Novo and Numan shopping but was too feart to go up to them met Hateley in TGIs and he was really nice .
The Bear Hunter: The Search for Rangers' Nine-in-a-Row Heroes - Tenner on Amazon and thanks for the reminder kept meaning to read that

Bob Belcher

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I've shat it every time. Numan was the biggest regret, especially since everyone says he's brand new. Saw Novo in Greaves a few weeks back but decided against speaking to him because he was in buying boots with his boy.


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Me and my 2 sons met Steven Davis in Barry's amusements Portrush a couple of years ago, my young lad had his Rangers Top on and he was very happy to chat and get a pic taken, he said he would love to play for us again.


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Our bus pulled into the services after the game last Sunday, and there was the gaffer filling up his motor...few got photos which he was more than happy to pose for, but a few of the lads didn't bother him...
Should’ve invited him onto your bus and insisted upon taking him to wherever he wanted to go
What’s your view? Saw Jörg Albertz at the airport on Friday. Girlfriend was urging me to get a pic with him but I couldn’t.
I was in Amsterdam a few years back with the wife, Saturday afternoon, (think we were playing QOS) and bumped into Michael Mols walking along the street.
He was more than happy to get a photo with me, absolute gent!
Couldn’t do it mate never have , but if it was Laudrup I would have rugby tackled him for a pic .
I went into a shop for a can of coke in Porta Portals in Majorca and who was standing beside me getting a can of coke? Yup Mr Brian Laudrup himself. But I just gawped a bit at him and that was it. Couldn't bring my self to say hello in case he said eff off or who the heck are you.


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I was in restaurant and across from me was walter smith with family and friends, just a nod a smile as i left,i never bother anyone thats getting on with their life outside the stadium.
It's the one thing I reckon I'd hate most about being remotely famous. Imagine not being able to just go about your business without disgusting plebs pestering you.
Same here most recent player/ex player I seen was Alex Rae over at the Fort just gave him a nod if the head, mind years ago in Safeway ( gives an idea how long ago ) using the scanner and Whim Jansen come up and asks how do you get to us the scanners? let him know what to do got the thank you, guys have to get out and do the usual daily shit we take for normal


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I remember last year walking along the high street on a Wednesday morning and who walks by me? Ossie ardilles. Still gutted I didn't ask for a photo


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Myself and a mate were in what was then Lloyds No 1 in Glasgow about 15 years ago. It was a quiet-ish night through the week, when Richard Gough walked into the bar with his wife/girlfriend. My mate wanted to go straight up to him and chat. I persuaded him that he was out with his Mrs and deserved to be left alone to enjoy a night out without being pestered.

A few pints later I went to the toilet. When I came back my mate had RG in a headlock practically, screaming "Awright King Richard." I was mortified and went to rescue Mr Gough from a fate worse than death, and apologised to him for the intrusion on his privacy, but to be fair he was brand new about it.


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I think a lot of it depends on circumstances but I generally err on the side of leave to their own business and not hassling them.

Two stand out though.

Saw Sir Walter Smith in the Theatre Royal next to the playhouse. He was with his wife, and another couple and surprisingly tall! Left him to it as felt he didn’t want a drunk me telling him he was a legend etc plus he was on a low
Key friends night out. Think he was Scotland manager shortly after that.

Saw Naismith when he played for us going to London with his missus when I was going for a weekend with my missus. He noticed I recognised who he was boarding the plane and there was just an awkward smile it sorts. Then our seats on the plane were close. Then we were the only people waiting for bags from the carousel. Then he was on the opposite 4 on the train from stanstead to Waterloo. By the end of the four hours or so stalking him I wanted him the %^*& out of my sight. And who was one row away when we sat down to watch a west end show that day later. Jesus Christ when he clocked me I think he thought he was in an episode of Alan partridge.


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play golf with an ex England player and watch the first team at Sports with an ex Scottish internationalist that scored that goal v Holland - never asked either for their autographs.


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I saw Colin Hendry on a train from London to Glasgow last summer and the temptation was to say hello but to be honest, I figured he just wanted to be left to have a beer & watch a film on his tablet as he was doing.

He saw me clock him and looked like he was trying to work out whether he was about to get pushed into chatting for ages or some smart arse making a “funny” comment.

To be honest, I always thought he was vastly over-rated so not that bothered.

I met Eric Cantona once - he was a bloody giant. To be fair to him, he signed every napkin, magazine or photograph that people put in front of him and he & his brother went on to take on all comers at table football.

Treble Kings

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Unless he is doing an official signing or is at an event, leave them be. As much as you want an autograph or photo, you have to remember and respect the fact they have a private life that they are entitled too.
Why do you think he was over here? Just nipped out for a pint of milk and a loaf...?
I once took my younger sister to a community event at Ibrox many years ago. Mark Hateley and Sandy Jardine were hosting it, signing autographs, posing for pictures. But I didn't have the guts to go and speak to them which was stupid and I still regret it.

Alfredo scores

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When I was a wee guy I used to chap Dave McPherson's parents door on an almost weekly basis. Every time the big car was outside it was time to get his autograph again. Used to talk away to him as if he was my pal:))

Him and his parents could not have been any nicer especially since I must've been an annoying wee lady's front bottom


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Took my mum for a birthday meal to smiths in uddingston last year. Turned round to see Walter and (I assumed) Ethel sat behind me. Was too scared to speak.


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Years ago, after a game at Tannadice, I was staying at my pal's in Monifieth. In the evening we went out for a carry out and in the shop was Paul Hegarty. He gave us a big smile and said hi lads, as if we wanted to speak to him and there was no way he could have known we were Bears. Ignored him.


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Some of the ex players are making a living talking to fans and attending functions. wouldn't be too much to ask for a photo. I think you have to guage the situation. we all have crap days when we dont want to talk to people


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Just seen the Derby squad in departures at Faro Airport.

Didn’t see Waggy or Frank Lampard though.

Would I have said hello and asked for a pic?

Absolutely :))