Brighton fans not happy


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“We win Rangers the title”,hahaha.
Hopefully they win us a spot in the champ league group stages anol.


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I’m hoping for a rendition of “Shane Duffy won’t see 10 in a row” on Saturday B-D


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How much do they think we should charge? A fiver? I’m sure they can stretch the extra couple of quid to see the famous.

Bob Belcher

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Wasn't he on loan to them from Brighton for the last 6 months of his Brighton contract?

Yes, then signed a short-term contract with Wigan to help them finish the season as his Brighton contract had run out before the football started up again after it was stopped in March due to Covid.

Devil's Advocate

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I want the terrorist loving rat cheered to the rafters for his contribution.
Same. A proper ovation for his contribution.

Would it be too far for a rendition of "There's only one Shane Duffy!"

It would be painful to do, but just think what it will do to him. Sitting in the dead of night with flashbacks of Ibrox cheering your contribution to your teams failure to make the 10 :))


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The email I just got says, £7.99; Brighton fans getting it 50p cheaper? B-)

Makes little difference to me, I paid for the package x5 match package. And got a ticket.


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What's the chances of getting 8000 bears singing the 'there's only one Shane Duffy' chant that was on that video doing the rounds on Twitter after he signed for them.

Would be class.


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Nah it’s definitely not, 7.50 to watch any non competitive football match as a ppv is a farce but that’s football for you. The worrying thing is that people accept this as ok.
Do cameras, crew, commentators and bandwith all come free?
Should the club just give it away at a loss?

I'm happy to pay that, anyone who isn't really doesn't need to bother.


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It can now be revealed that Shane Duffy was trying to blooter the ball all the way back to the Amex stadium when he made 'that' pass.