Brilliant Vlog from Villa Fan!


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The emotions last night were incredible, and watching that brings it all back.

Spinetingling seeing Ibrox in full voice.


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Its neutral loggers like these guys that really help to build our own fanbase outside of Scotland. That other lad has something like 300k followers and he was raving about his experience. It was definitely a good night for them to show up! You have to imagine seeing scenes like that will interest others. .

Skyy Bluenose

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Fantastic video. Literally brought tears to my eyes watching that. They were sitting almost exactly where my wife and I sat for the Porto game, so that was an added impact.


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The video was great. Loved it. Really captured the atmosphere from last night.

Although (excluding the usual tarrier responses on his Instagram) there was one Villa fan pointing out that he shouldn’t have come to see us because of ‘sick Saturday’ in 1976.

I was born in 1989 so couldn’t have told you the first thing about that day. But reading the newspapers from that day... it basically just makes us out to be thugs.

Aaanyway... nice to see neutral fans at our games giving us, the atmosphere and Ibrox rave reviews. Long may it continue, and what a pity some people go through life holding such a grudge. (I mean, England invaded Scotland and we don’t hold a grudge :)) )