Bristol City want Gerrard (Express)


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You could not convince a fan of any club in the EPL , championship,LGE 1 ,

That Rangers were bigger club than the one they support . I remember. A Portsmouth fan. Telling me that his team are bigger in every way. He had passion to be fair but I think he takes Mickey Rooney crazy pills. !


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Aston Villa will be looking for a gaffer soon.

That one would tempt Gerrard I think.
No it wouldn’t mate. He’s not leaving to manage a Championship team ffs. If you listen to him talk about about why he’s here that much is pretty obvious.

If he’s successful with us his next job will be Liverpool. Even Klopp said as much.

If he’s not, I think he’ll end up at Liverpool in a coaching role or similar.
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.Do you think it’s another tactic to unstable us linking the manager to anyone and everyone?
No. It’s just the deluded English 2nd tier clubs thinking they are relevant.

They seem to forget that we are a massive club with a rich history, a global fan base, European football etc etc.

He already turned down jobs at these tin pot clubs when he was an U18 coach. It’s arrogance and ignorance beyond belief.


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Hughton is nailed on for that job so don't know where the story even comes from.

Bizarre how this is written off as nonsense instantly but every Morelos Twitter post is his agent trying to punt him, every rumour is met with sell him or that's not enough money, or that's not a big enough team. It's nigh on Hysterical around Morelos, yet this story is instantly met with disdain and the thread will disappear as a non entity by tomorrow...Morelos however!!
Some folk should have a wee look at themselves because its almost as if you want Alfie away at any cost


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My pal Dean doing no bad as interim boss there with two wins from two.
Been down there to see him/them a few times over recent years; and I`ve always been made to feel welcome, no way I`d disrespect them.

With regard to Steven Gerrard, he won`t be going there anytime soon; if ever.


I work in Bristol and they have been going on about this since last week, did some coaching here for badges, lands down the billionaire is going to do this and that, told them it was never happening even when he went 3/1 last week. Odds back out now but there is no explaining to championship fans that they are so small time it’s unbelievable by comparison, surprised it took so long to hit the papers tbh but Houghton will be in soon anyway is the new buzz!


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It's ok don't worry he's only second choice. Who's to say that all the people on their list would want the job in the first place?

Wade Wilson

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Leaving Rangers to go to Bristol fn City :))

Some wallpaper going on about how massive Rangers as a club are with a massive support and how that's all we've got going for us. Then in the next breath saying signing Kalas for £8 million while we signed Edmundson for £600k shows how much bigger they are :))

Typical English league f*ckwittery.

Go get McInnes again


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I received this as a wind up on Wednesday from guy I know and I sent him one back about lennon leaving the uglies.His fishing trip didn’t work and neither will the express.Do you think it’s another tactic to unstable us linking the manager to anyone and everyone?
If it was him being linked with a epl job then yes you’d have a point but it’s fking Bristol city we’re talking about so no.

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
I received this as a wind up on Wednesday from guy I know and I sent him one back about lennon leaving the uglies.His fishing trip didn’t work and neither will the express.Do you think it’s another tactic to unstable us linking the manager to anyone and everyone?
No it’s just the typical arrogance you get from down South.

I know people don’t like hearing this, but the scum have no real reason to try and force Gerrard out. If we were winning things of running them close then I could see it, but we’re not.


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"I quite fancy it just to annoy all the Rangers fans who are laughing at the idea that “little Bristol City” might be able to poach their manager"

Rangers the worlds most successful club or Bristol who as far as I'm aware have won absolutely hee haw
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Reading that Bristol city forum, not sure what's funnier; the fact that they think that they're genuinely anywhere near our size as a club or the fact that they could get Kent to go down there :D


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I’ve lived in England for 25 years and even though most know Rangers and Celtic are two massive clubs with huge supports who would boost the Premier League product, almost all of them have a very low opinion of Scottish football in general and a lot of them would rather have the likes of Leeds, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday in the top flight than ourselves and the Beasts.

So this is the mindset behind the thinking that Bristol City represent a more attractive prospect for an ambitious young English manager than a genuine British sporting institution like Rangers.

The good news is that Steven Gerrard almost certainly doesn’t feel that way.
Barely a day goes by without me arguing with a fan of ( insert name ot tin pot english team ) about how they're club is bigger than us, and the scottish league is mince, pub league etc etc, and how they're local rivalry is bigger than ours with the bheasts....the joys of living down south .


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Maybe a possibility at the end of the season if we don’t win anything. Then again, maybe we might just stick with him if the improvement continues.
what would be an improvement on last season, other than winning something?

or maybe I should say, an acceptable improvement?


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Some of the comments on their forum though, they actually think they’re a big club. :))
Their default argument (as with most supporters of diddy English clubs) is Rangers play in a Mickey Mouse league, however this year we’ve beaten teams like Feyenoord, Porto and Legia Warsaw, teams their own club can never dream of facing. Quite amusing. :)