Brothers and sisters meet Michael “ Rocky” Stewart


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Has no one picked up the actual subliminal message here?
Look at the wording of the accompanying tweet. It’s clear as day that he’s referring to Traynor being physically attacked. Absolutely sickening and disgraceful that someone employed in his capacity feels that is acceptable.

He’s a sneaky bastard though and has disguised it as a training video. No coincidence of course that Mr Traynor has been attacked physically and he posts a random video of himself hitting a punchbag accompanied by the comments of just beating an old punchbag?? Ffs
Actually had missed that.


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Thats a tad worrying TBH - genuinely hope he has someone checking in on him.

Never been a fan but that outburst on the radio, the petition and stuff like this on Social Media are all worrying traits.
Very true, seems like he is on the brink. He posts a LOT of pictures of him sitting alone drinking whisky. Some really worrying behaviour of late, quite sad really


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Someone could have a field day with that footage and Burgess Meredith quotes from the film / the soundtrack.
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