BT commentary team tonight


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Emma is def there perhaps on pitch side and interviewing duties
I’d actually like the lad Hamilton with Ally and whichever Scouse %^*& wit they choose between McManamanamanan or Owen


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McManaman is less insightful than Michael Owen. He's fucking shite.
This has the potential to be a punishing evening. Getting done on the pitch and getting my ears done by smug dullards. Don't much care for their fans either.

Blue Jay

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Hopefully Crocker and Andy Walker :oops:
Awww naaaaaw, if that was the case I think I'd hand the TV Remote to the wife and tell her to watch anything she wanted, cannae listen tae that wee nyaff at the best o' times, never mind in a game o' this magnitude :eek:


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Believe it's Darren Fletcher with Kevin Thomson and Steve McManaman.
Super and Kenny Miller in the studio with two others - Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen.


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What a player McManaman was - no idea why he gets this gig, along with Keown, Provan, Smith, Booth, Burley etc


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Ex-Motherwell man giving his opinion on where Liverpool need to improve. Makes perfect sense.
Can just hear him sharing his pearls of wisdom - "When you're up against someone like Salah, you need to stay tight, keep your composure and give him absolutely no room to work with"

When did you ever play someone of the calibre of Mo Salah at club level, Crags?