BT Sport 2 on Sunday at 7pm - Rangers' Euro Nights

Barney Bear

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Highlights of four matches back to back:

Rangers v PSV 1999/2000
Lyon v Rangers 2007/2008
Leeds United v Rangers 1992/1993
Rangers v Porto 2005/2006
On the planner and will be watching later on Sunday night with a beer or two.

West Enclosure Bear

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Superb selection of games!
Well played BT on filling this void with a quality selection of great Rangers performances!
Sunday night will be class!
Thanks OP for highlighting this.


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Great line up, but would be better for my wee brain if they played them in chronological order.


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Great nights viewing in store. What a result that 0-3 lyon was, has to be one of our beat ever euro away results.

erskine bear

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The psv and Porto highlights have been on BT for years, just type in champions league classics. Lyon on the other hand I’ve never seen decent highlights of so buzzing for that.


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Was in Munich the week of the Lyon game for Oktoberfest. Be good to see it in all its glory. Actual night was but of a blur. Every night really