BT Sport offer to trial VAR on their live Scottish games


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The problem is, VAR is still subjective. So they can still make the wrong decision as we saw at the World Cup a few times. I don’t think it will benefit us as much as people think


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Grant Philips‏ @PhilipsGrant 3h3 hours ago
The @SPFL and Referee Chiefs @sfa are welcome to trail VAR on our Scottish Live matches... sure the referees would welcome the assistance. @btsportfootball

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Darrell Currie‏ @darrellcurrietv 2h2 hours ago
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There is a lot of anger directed at our referees... well here you go, we @btsportfootball are offering the @spfl and @Sfa to trial VAR on our Live games... let’s do it?

Darrell Currie added,
They'd need to start showing replays that might favour Rangers then, or would they??


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If they got external referees to look after the VAR part and their opinion given then I'd be all for it. The SFAs refs would be found out in seconds as the lying bastards that they are. They'd probably quit in fact as they'd know they'd be caught out.


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I don’t disagree, percent a couple of seasons ago Feyenoord were the only side to have goal line technology in the league. So similar has been done elsewhere!
I don't disagree either but Goal Line Technology is of course a bit different from VAR (which is hugely more expensive) and covers many more aspects of a match in play !
The trouble is the cost of having it 'everywhere' is prohibitive.
The Scottish problem is crap referees (amateur) who have questionable training ( and maybe blinkered vision ) when it comes to fairness and a lack of biass. This is an area which needs to be sorted out above all else and which cannot be remedied by VAR !
Fair play to BT if they are offering to install VAR in whatever grounds they are likely to be covering , but, I thought they were at least, to some extent backing off from future coverage of Scottish football with SKy taking up the mantle ?
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I think the refs would welcome it. Shouldn’t any VAR panel be made up of retired ex refs? At least 3?

I don’t think they’ll go for it though because you then don’t need the compliance officer. Who would the Twatter Tarriers complain to then?


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Are you thinking of Dermott Gallagher at Sky?
Yes quite possibly. Pick up the odd stream here and hear the comments of we have an ex referees opinion and that should have been a red card etc etc. Fits right into the corrupt SPL and I am struggling to recall a decision he commented on where we benefited from his opinion.


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As was demonstrated in the Hearts game and weekly on Sportscene, an independent qualified referee must be allowed an uninfluenced decision on what incidents are worthy of a second look and not a tv company or its commentary crew, or else the whole process is soiled.


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To be honest it is having teething problems in Holland. Last weekend there was a penalty given by the ref that was never a penalty. No VAR. A penalty not given by the ref that was a stonewaller and no sign from the VAR.
For the trial in Holland Ajax had it for 6 months and then Feynoord had it for 6 months. I really believe it is a must for top division football.