BT Sports : Kent Goal and Highlights


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Million quid in the bank for getting to next round, Kents 1st instalment covered ;)


We really restricted them to hardly any clear cut chances on watching the highlights again!!! Roll on the draw for the next round.

Willie Mac

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All us. 4 really good chances for us to score including the penalty.

Shagger makes a fairly easy save look special and they hit the post with the header around the 70th minutes.


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Hagi is absolute class. Watch him just before the first kent chance, gets to the ball along with the braga player, muscles him out then dinks it over the other braga player and sets up kent. Pure class


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Brilliant composure for the goal. Running full pelt and the touch he takes before shooting is superb.

That’s the confidence we need from Kent. I’ve been on his case in a big way over the last few weeks, but hopefully last night restores his confidence. He played very very well.

Running our of superlatives for the vision and pass by Hagi.


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Kent’s first touch makes that goal. A nicely weighted ball over the top from Hagi of course, but Kent did brilliantly.


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Someone on here must know the two boys who fell onto the flags celebrating by the look of it.

They were good bears


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Cheers for posting OP as never seen any of the game:confused:
Magical pass from Hagi but a quality touch from Kent and a brilliant finish:cool::):))