Can we really win the league this season?


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Just thinking if we can.
I’m not the pessimistic type but when it come to Rangers that’s sometimes my default position.

I hope we can but I’m not convinced we will, as I don’t see too many leaders in that squad and that concerns me.


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I am thinking it is a very stupid question , just my opinion but after 10 games we will know a lot more

Uddy Gers

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Depends on who we sign.

We can’t go in with the same starting XI and expect to win anything. There has to be some serious upgrades.

As Einstein said, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We need better players, it’s as simple as that.


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Still a few signings away tbh. First half of last season proves we could though if we sustain that sort of form.

Will need a bit of luck as well like the mhanks did in 97/98. They won the league that year with less points than they got when losing previous two but got lucky with a foreign manager who signed them Larson and Lambert. Though could argue we threw that league away as well.

What I will say is we need to sign a leader IMO. Our current captains comments before the Hamilton game summed up to me he can't lead or inspire like a good captain could.

Gough, Butcher, Ferguson even Weir could get an extra 5% needed from his players. Tav is just not that guy and Gerrard biggest error IMO is sticking with him as club captain.


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At the moment we have an outside chance, but Celtic have too much firepower up front and from midfield.

We need our three forward mids to bring in goals
Alfie to stay and bring in Roofe or someone to that standard,

What's the story

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If the squads were finalised right now we cannot win the league imho.

We need 2 or 3 good signings. We need luck with injuries. We need a notable jump in performance from Kent and Aribo.

If that all works out we have a good chance.


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If we are to win this season's league we need to have 2 or 3 new players in the team who are leaders, disciplined and add quality. Players who have achieved something and know how to win over a whole season.
Otherwise it's too similar to last year.


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I thought it needed Asking, Primarily by me to gauge what everyone thinks.

The whole thing about leaders has been done to death.

Impossible to predict a league with the transfer window open for another 2 months.

Chances are us and the tims will look pretty different by the start of October.

The team that buys/loans right will win the league.

The team with the best players wins the league, the whole leaders argument is just an excuse and majorly overstated on here.

Route 55

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Depends on who gets the majority of the big decisions throughout the season. I really feel the officials will play a major part in the title race.


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We are good enough but we haven’t been consistent enough. Cure the consistency and we win the league. We are better than the beasts+ref, and any other team in the league. We just stuttered after the winter break and let it slip. I’m hoping that now Joe, Glen, Iannis, and Fil have had enough time to feel settled, that they bring their A game to the team more often.

Sir Walter’s Warriors

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.... if Hagi, Aribo and Kent take their pre-season goal scoring form into the league and don’t stop playing in January.
.... Oh and if Alfie either stays and plays like the first half of last season for all of this one, or his replacement hits the ground running.
... and if Barisic and Tav keep dominating.
....and if the refs just apply the rules fairly.

Chapman billie

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Hard to say until we see who both clubs sign. Also going to be a strange season due to games behind closed doors. No telling how that will affect things. May take the fear factor out of trips to the piggery and Ibrox so more shock results might be on the cards.


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Yes - we have improved the squad. If Alfie goes then I have faith that we will replace him with other options.

We have a team that in the core has experience of playing together. We are well set for this year. Bring it on.


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Yes, & if we don't sell Morelos we can more than likely win it with the current squad.....

Yes we shit the bed the last couple of seasons after xmas/when we looked good, but if we get the mentality right we're not going to struggle to beat them, just comes down to the 'diddy' teams for want of a better term, playing more aggressive and trying to pump teams rather than relaxing and playing 10 behind the wall while we're winning 1-0

Rio Loyal

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We would have had more chance with VAR but it suits them to wait till next season to install it so they can have as many Dodgy decisions as they want till the have the tainted 9,75 in a row .

Steve Snedden

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We won't be allowed to stop their tainted 10.

I've believed we could win whatever league we've played in since I was 5 years old.

Not this year though.


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The way things are in this tinpot country at the moment we will have to be absolutely immense to have a chance of winning anything, unless the bheast club all of a sudden have a massive collapse regardless of the help theyl undoubtedly get from officials . With everything set up in the bheasts favour on and off the pitch it will be tough but not impossible. A few additions in key areas that enhance the first team overall and who knows

Boaby Fett

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As things stand, I can't see it either. It's pretty much the same team which has bottled it two years in a row. Can Tav show some balls? Defence stop conceding simple goals? Can our midfield actually contribute at either end of the pitch? I'm yet to be convinced.

Saying that, it's another year together and surely the understandings are getting stronger. Make or break for many this year, including the manager.
Who knows. They have the strongest squad overall but either of us could pick up key injuries. They will have a brand new keeper who needs to settle right away and we look like we have 2 solid keepers who know the league.

As last year proved we can match them on the park we just need to consistently beat the dross. If Kent, Hagi and Aribo all click and have a great season and our striking options are improved then it’s more than possible, would still maybe need them to have an average season as well because despite most of their leagues being tainted they’ve got the mentality to take care of the rest of the league. We need to match that step for step. If it’s close with about a month to go then the pressure on them will be immense
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I am thinking it is a very stupid question , just my opinion but after 10 games we will know a lot more

And this is just as daft an answer.
The last two seasons we have been in good positions and have blown it after the year turned.
This season i will say nothing until we get to the split.


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Yes..If we bring in and add/improve the 1st eleven.
Then some of the 1st eleven from last year become subs/ backup and our squad in theory is stronger/more capable in dealing with a full season.


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I think we can. We need to hope this Alfie situation is sorted soon and we can bring in at least two quality replacements and get them up to speed quickly though.


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Just thinking if we can.
I’m not the pessimistic type but when it come to Rangers that’s sometimes my default position.

I hope we can but I’m not convinced we will, as I don’t see too many leaders in that squad and that concerns me.
Lets see how we line up and play on Saturday, I think that will tell us a lot

Border City Bear

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IMO our strongest 11 is probably overall better than than the Mhanks strongest 11 but our squad lacks the strength in depth they have , i genuinely feel we are 2 perhaps 3 quality signings from winning the league - the transfer window is gonna be crucial , if Buff goes i think the gaffer will be given the money to re-invest with some quality


Heart - Yes
Head - Sadly no, unless we significantly improve the squad, stay free of injuries and lady luck smiles at us along the way.


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with the sheep a distant second and Nonce fc expelled from the professional football leagues for facilitating a paedophile ring that exploited their most vulnerable young players for over 4 decades.


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I am thinking it is a very stupid question , just my opinion but after 10 games we will know a lot more
Even then need to be a good 50% - 75% of the way through to really know

I start every league thinking we can win doesn't mean we will but if you don't believe you can you never will is a pessimistic pussy(meant post) from op really


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If we can finally manage to prevent the collapse after new year then yes, I feel we can.

We have shown last season we can go toe to toe with them when it matters, it's against the diddy teams we went AWOL. If we get the transfers in that are rumoured I believe we are in a very good position.

That said, I remain skeptical about the manager, Gerrard still made mistakes last season which I sincerely hope he has rectified.