Can we really win the league this season?


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If you go through both current squads........

Goalkeeper, we are stronger.

Full backs, we are far stronger, but there is a bit of a drop off, if Tav or Borna get injured.

Central defence, they currently only have Ajer and Jullien, plus Biton in an emergency.
We have 4 quality proper central defenders.

Central midfield, they only have McGregor Brown and Ntcham, compared to our 5 options of Jack, Kamara, Aribo, Davis and Arfield.

Up to this point, we definitely have more quality and depth.

However, in the 2 positions behind the striker, Christie and Forrest made a huge goals contribution last season and they also have Elyanoussi too, although he's flattered to deceive so far.
It's vital that Hagi and Kent really step up to the plate this season and weigh in heavily with goals and assists.

The striker situation for both clubs is currently uncertain.
Alfredo's future is up in the air and Defoe is recovering from injury.
They have Edouard, who on his day is an excellent striker, but has looked totally disinterested so far this season and hasn't scored.
Griffiths is a basket case and has only played 20 minutes for their reserves so far this season and the Pole they signed has been worse than useless.

They are threadbare in the goalkeeping, central defence and centre midfield positions, while we desperately need to strengthen further forward.

Whoever does the best business in their weaker areas will be in pole position, for me.
You proud of yourself? :))


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We have been relentless this season, underpinned by a defence that has been absolutely magnificent.
I think the tarriers assumed we would collapse in January, and used that as their comfort blanket when their season was going tits up. Unfortunately for them, we had a brilliant January, starting with the Old Firm victory which totally broke them. That’s the day when I truly believed that we’d be champions 2020/21.
It’s been one helluva ride this season, and when we eventually clinch 55 it will be, for me personally, the greatest and most important title win in our history.
They did assume that, and also assumed they would go on a lengthy winning run, but Dubai put paid to that. :cool:


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The way things are in this tinpot country at the moment we will have to be absolutely immense to have a chance of winning anything, unless the bheast club all of a sudden have a massive collapse regardless of the help theyl undoubtedly get from officials . With everything set up in the bheasts favour on and off the pitch it will be tough but not impossible. A few additions in key areas that enhance the first team overall and who knows
Someone got it bang on the money :))


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I think it’s 75% Sellick & 25% Us...we need 2/3 players into our starting 11 & we are 2 days away from KO. Add to the fact we are losing our only fit striker it does not look good. From the games I’ve seen over pre-season its just same as last 2 seasons...if anything we’ve regressed.

I hate to say it but it could be a very long season & I hope & pray I’m wrong. Maybe playing without Supporters helps us.
How wrong was I?? Delighted to look & sound like a fool this afternoon.

Well done Ge55ard, all the coaches but most of all all the players.


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I had a fans hope at the start of the season with no real belief.
So happy to be proved wrong.


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Thick skin loyal this is what I'd be aiming for - rotate Kent, Hagi, Ferguson and Aribo




.............Hagi ............... ..Ferguson..................


Shankland or new St
12 players in the starting 11 and no sub goalie on the 8 man bench.

Hello Gavin Strachan


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Some belters in this thread. I think we can all agree nobody seen this season unfolding the way it has. Large % among us will always think we’re capable but our imperious form this season versus their utter capitulation has been unbelievable.

And I’ve enjoyed every single f.ucking minute of it.

There was one guy!
post 100 for the like.


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I hate this frame of mind that says if a supporter looks at the reality of our situation instead of going into fantasy mode he’s somehow “pathetic” or displaying a “disgusting attitude”.

As it stands the personnel for the two squads is more or less the same as it was last season, and last season their personnel were a huge number of points in front of ours and on course for another treble, so how the fùck can anyone argue against that guy’s point? There’s nothing wrong with being realistic, sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “that’s a pathetic attitude, they’re not better” might get you staunch points but it won’t actually alter reality or make us any better.

At this point our best hope is that they capitulate either due to TLB falling out with his players or due to them suffering some serious injuries, because they’ve demonstrated that when their side is fully fit and functioning they’re much better at putting wins together than us. Of course outside of that our best bet is to get 3 or 4 qualify signings in to go straight into the starting 11, but with the season starting in a couple of days that isn’t likely.
Edit: live and let live, what a fvcking season!
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