Can you imagine what the phone-in is going to be like on Monday night?


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“Shoo Shoo yer no hearin ma point Shoo thur pyuoor against us the refs ur aw masons Shoo”

John Paul Anthony is interrupted by a recognizable nasal whine

“what about the tackle by Soro on Halliday, John Paul multi names?”

ah didnae see that but refs are still aw masons annat

ad nauseam


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A word I don't use often due to the hyperbolic etymology but STUPENDOUS. I expect to be rooted in disbelief.


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Last season was about us getting help to stop the 10, this season its about getting help to get the CL place.

What will next seasons theory be?
151 being palandromic, histrionic, Masonic numerical performatism.


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Spew and the other retards will no doubt indulge cretins from far and wide across the Greater Glasgow region.



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Thing is sparra 1888, your rancid club had the chance to change the system last year when Rangers launched a vote of no confidence against the SFA/SPFL executives. Your equally rancid CEO stood up and declared the governing bodies running Scottish football were doing a grand job. So, you had your chance and chose to soldier on regardless. Now, shut the feck up and go away timmy, there's a good chap. You really have no cause for complaint.


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Am gonna need to drive slower tomorrow, or leave work a bit later. Last few times I've just been pulling into my street as the first caller is coming on.
Download the podcast and listen at your leisure. I download it every night and listen to it the next day in my van. It’s been very enjoyable since the start of last season.

Blue Lew

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You can read those degenerates like a book...

Biased referees, cheating, conspiracy, “This is all on the board”, multiple calls about how none of this is Ange’s fault and that they love the cut of his jib.

Can’t wait!


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I am glad i don't have this mentality. That this loony wants to feel oppressed and put upon.
He has not really liked the previous 8.75 years as this took him out his comfort zone.
The zone we are always in as Scotland premier club.
He has waited for operation stop the 10 as this is where he is happiest: the place where he can fling shoite at the moon and shout conspiracy and paranoia.


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Let that be a lesson to all the scum don't miss out on your deludemol medication it helps to keep the paranoia at bay.


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Stuff like that is a godsend to the celtic board who have the heat taken off them and put onto referees.


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Crucial we win the league again this season.
Give them something real to feel sick about.
As much as I will laugh like %^*& tomorrow if Rangers can get a favourable result against Malmo it will intensify the pressure on the Bheasts on Thursday.

Indeed our biggest games of the season will be this year's qualifiers. If we can get through this year, we'll be straight in next year.

The financial impact of that could see them further back than we were 9 years ago.


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If Four Priests is on, bet he's going to use the phrase "chickens coming home to roost" and another horrendous attempt at reverse psychology to activate the mutants.

Teddy Casablanca

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I`ve already renewed my season ticket for the phone-ins, wouldn't miss it absolutely love it. My only gripe is when Rangers fans come on, please lads just sit back and enjoy, I much prefer listening to the yahoo`s greetin their eyes out blaming desmond decker, the board, the goalies, the defenders, uncle Ed, the referees the SPFL, SFA, UEFA, FIFA, SNP, BBC, FBI, CIA, B&Q. Unfortunately, all the carry-on actors are now dead, otherwise what a fcukin script that would be.