Can you take a plastic bottle of juice in


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I am absolutely buzzing to get back into Ibrox tomorrow, there’s not a steward in the land is going to stop me taking hydration into the stadium tomorrow.

my time slot is midday… do they really expect me to sit for 3 and a half hours without a drink?


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Think you've stumbled on to the wrong forum.

No one cares about that cesspit
I don’t either but the person asked if you can get bottles into the stadium. I highly doubt our security is much different from their’s.

But here’s 1690 Staunch Points for being so super staunch.

Crispy Bacon

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I've got this little machine now - Dexcom G6.

Got a plastic thing stuck on my arm with a little needle on it. Stick a transmitter inside it.

Connects via bluetooth to the phone & there's 3 alarms:
1) Heads up, trouble soon
2) Right, you've already been warned, do it now
3) You could be on your arse any time now, son!

First two, the phone just buzzes if it's on silent. That's fine.

Third goes off during a 60 seconds silence in memory of X, it's max volume ambulance noise infamy!

Great wee thing. Prior to that I lost my driving licence, lost my job, and nearly lost my life.
Glad to hear your doing better mate! Thats a brilliant little device


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Buy a wine box from the supermarket. Remove the box and you are left with a carton and a handy tap: Covid ready.