Candeias reveals what refs say to Alfredo before every game

Sir Walter

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This is where the club should publicly seek clarification from the SFA and show that refs clearly apply different standards to him

I won’t hold my breathe though as the board don’t have much of an appetite to defend its staff or players

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A ref asking our player not to play to his 100%

Only in scottish football would this fukin happen.

Imagine they asked the like of roy keane patrick vierra gatuso ect to take it easy before a game, theyd be told to %^*& right off.

These players made it big because they played 100% high intensity for 90minutes.

Take it easy, ppft, joke man

Yep take it easy , don’t play to your full potential , don’t react to the constant fouls on you , this fucking shithole of a country deserves all it gets . The game fucked .


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Rangers star Daniel Candeias reveals what refs tell Alfredo Morelos before EVERY game
The Portuguese has urged officials to give the league’s top scorer more protection because he’s continually being targeted.

Daniel Candeias insists referees must give Alfredo Morelos more protection after claiming he has been continually provoked from the first day of the season.
And the Rangers winger has urged the livewire striker not to take the bait in next week’s Old Firm showdown after being cleared to play in the March 31 derby.
Candeias revealed whistlers warn Morelos to take it easy before every game due to his fiery temperament has seen him shown 19 yellow cards and four reds this season.
But the Portuguese wants officials to come down harder on the striker’s rivals who he claims are out to get the Colombian and Rangers.
Morelos was involved in a spat with Kirk Broadfoot at the weekend but the Kilmarnock defender appeared to stand on the frontman’s heel before Morelos lashed out.
But the 22-year-old, along with Broadfoot, escaped retrospective punishment due to insufficient evidence which means he will play in the Celtic clash.

(Image: SNS Group)
Morelos was involved in a hat-trick of flashpoints in the last derby at Ibrox before the winter break but again no action was taken.
On the opening day of the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership campaign he was sent off for kicking out at Aberdeen’s Scott McKenna with the decision later overturned on appeal.
And Candeias said: “People say Alfredo has too many red cards but in all the games the players provoke Alfredo.
“I have said before he is like Diego Costa and he gets provocations all through the games.
“All the people look too much at Alfredo but the referees can help Alfredo in the games because they look too much at Alfredo.

“When the games start, all the time the referees speak to Alfredo and say, ‘Hey, easy today'. But all the time the players provoke Alfredo.
“At the start of the season in Aberdeen, Alfredo did nothing. All the time Scott McKenna provoked Alfredo.
“All the players when they play against Rangers ... I don’t know, have so much anger for Rangers and Alfredo.”
Asked if he expects the same at Parkhead as Rangers head across the city looking to cut a 10-point gap, Candeias said: “Maybe, yes.
“I talk with Alfredo throughout the game but it’s his game. He needs to stay in the game with provocations.
“Sometimes when you are 22-year-old you have a strong mentality but it’s a normal reaction to the provocations.
“He is emotional and there are so many emotions in the game. That is football. Alfredo has the mentality. This season, he has too many red cards of course but it will help Alfredo for future years.”
Typically sticking up for his mate …and alot of this is true…but I would have liked Ryan Jack to speak out against Broadfoot after he too was a victim of his dirty tricks last season!
Despicable bastard… his career for us should be wiped out and erased from memory for the way he behaves towards our players right now!
I'm assuming Alfredo is the most fouled player in the league at the moment.

Also, I'd love to know how many players have been booked after tackling him - compared to how many SHOULD have been booked (going by the rules).

I remember years ago a ref wrote my name down in his book while checking our boots. He said "That's me taking your name now to save me writing it once I book you during the game."

Sure enough, within 15 minutes he's shouting over to me "That's you now on a booking.":rolleyes:

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Good to see Candeias highlight the 'anger' that opposition players show towards Rangers players in general. It's there to see week in week out as they launch themselves into challenges against our players.

SG commented at the weekend that Kilmarnock players were 'wiping out' our players in some of the challenges which were not punished by the referee nor highlighted by the media.

The open disdain for the club encouraged by the media and certain politicians is now being reflected by the football authorities and is leading to match officials failing to be impartial as a result of their being improperly influenced by this pressure.

It feels as though we and Morelos in particular are seen as fair game.
The Club really need to be seen to be more proactive in combating this or it is difficult to see much changing in the short term.


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Nobody is catching him regardless .

What if a clugger Fcks Alfie’s cruciate or breaks his leg in these remaining games ? Is saying “ I wanted to make sure he was top scorer” going to soften the blow to us of £20 million pounds and the effect on Alfie’s career ?

For me it’s a no brainer but I know gerrard will keep playing him . I just hope the worst doesn’t Happen . With our luck I wouldn’t bet on it .
Yes i understand all that about protecting him, in terms of the top scorer chart he is only 3 league goals ahead of Cosgrove and 4 ahead of Eduoard, so if he didnt play another league game there is every chance someone could catch him.

It won't happen however if he keeps playing


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Yes i understand all that about protecting him, in terms of the top scorer chart he is only 3 league goals ahead of Cosgrove and 4 ahead of Eduoard, so if he didnt play another league game there is every chance someone could catch him.

It won't happen however if he keeps playing
But a team currently monitoring Morelos will already know his qualities . It isn’t dependant on him being “ top scorer “ .


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But a team currently monitoring Morelos will already know his qualities . It isn’t dependant on him being “ top scorer “ .
I know its not but i am sure Alfredo won't stand for losing out on top scorer and maybe even poty although i know the kunts won't give him it anyway, even if he scored 60 goals !


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How professional are the refs by saying that to Alfredo and whats worse so called fellow professionals trying to bait him and get him banned or even worse injuring him so he cant play, shame on them the vile gits they disgust me .

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“All the players when they play against Rangers ... I don’t know, have so much anger for Rangers and Alfredo.”

I honestly believe the foreigners and even Gerrard are unable to understand nor get their heads round this.
No right-minded person would be able to understand or get their head round this.


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So every game he is apparently on a warning before a ball is kicked.

He’s not being singled out at all.
Sounds like he is being treated differently from every other player in the league that smacks of victimisation to me if it was in America they would have lawsuits hanging out of their rses, instead of Lieswell.
Opposing players can foul 4 or 5 times in a short period of time before getting a booking. Alfredo fouls once and gets booked
Referees should have a good look at themselves in the way they treat this young man


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That part here is a fvckin disgrace. "Involved in a spat", " lashed out", "insufficient evidence". Aye, because it'd have meant Broadfoot was banged to rights and Alfie innocent.

Morelos is provoked in a premeditated assault, not formthe first time and ypu'd think, from that, he was involved in a square go..!

As for the referees, shame on you all. Yer targetting this lad and we all see it ! 19 yellows and four red..??! That is insane. There's players who don't see that in a career not three-quarters of a season.

A fvckin witch-hunt, nothing more, nothing less. I watch this lad most weeks and he ain't dirty. UEFA need to review Scottish's hopeless and it seems, bent !
Unfortunately UEFA and FIFA are also bent and Liewell is on board with UEFA and that doesn't instill any confidence in me for the future!:(



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This thread is noticeably short on 'tin foil hat/sound like tims/can't blame the refs' type posts.

I wonder why they're not on this thread like all the others?

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Just the usual slanted reporting Morelos "did' lash out but Clubfoot only "appeared" to stand on his heel, nothing appeared about it he definitely did rake his studs down Alfredos calf and then went down like a sack of tatties after a push to the chest. Also no mention of Clubfoot being the instigator and Alfredo only defending himself.
Said it before numerous times. The press have an agenda that's clearly anti Rangers. This affects every aspect of our club including referees' attitudes and behaviour towards our players. Its only natural.

The question is what do we do about it? The answer at the moment is virtually nothing. However, it doesn't have to be this way.

Rangers should employ a researcher to gather evidence of the bias, double standards and lies like the example above where our player lashes out but Broadfoot only "appears" to do something. Also note there is no mention of him falling to the ground to simulate and exaggerate Morelos's push. He did the same with Jack and Shinnie did the same with Morelos.

These incidents and the way they are reported should be recorded and when enough evidence is gathered they should be presented in an academic standard report(s) naming and shaming the bigots.

Celtic is supporting a Phd student who is looking at Bro Walfrid and the role he played in the establishment of Celtic. Needless to say, when complete, the findings will be published with much fanfare and joy as we learn of the inclusive and charitable foundations of that institution.


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Getting very sinister and very much like hounding Paul Gascogne got from the refs and media
I recall one comentator who couldn't even bring himself to say his name and referred to him as "number eight"

Gerry mcpish

tottie beck

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That’s shocking... and proof if needed both Morelos and Rangers are refereed to a different standard.

Do refs routinely tell any other players to cool it before KO?

The club should be taking this up with the authorities. It seems everyone is doing their best to chase this boy out of Scottish football. They just can’t stand the best player in the country wearing a Rangers shirt.

We really are up against it’s more than recovering our form on the field, it’s also about getting a level playing field. It would seem Liewell is using everything in his power to get 10IAR. Media, officials,you name it, they are dancing to his tune... and it ain’t The Sash


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In the head of the referee he might be thinking he's helping out and trying to do the right thing.

I would suggest that when out on the pitch and something happens the ref thinks "I've already spoken to him"...yellow card.

While everyone else gets the "taking to' on the pitch after the first dodgy tackle.
In the head of a septic fan, the ref is trying to protect him, to mollycoddle him.