Castore advert on billboard in Glasgow


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The add itself seems very similar to the Hummel one from a few years ago, going from memory. Looks classy, they seem to be buzzing about the partnership


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Surprised anything from ocean scotland would be advertising anything to do with Rangers, considering it’s run by the second largest shareholder in the bheasts. Chris trainer I believe.

Good exposure for us to be fair. Would be decent to have more of these adverts dotted along glasgow.
We'll see how long they last before the mhutants vandalise them :(

Warren Hill

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I hope Glasgow's Gendarme's have CCTV on that street and they use it.
This will be attacked as the bheast will foam at the mouth.


Hope they fit more digital boards in and around Ibrox. From megastore refit, to edmiston house, concourse areas even digital adverts in toilets ffs. Get rid of the ones that are about 5 year old in there.


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Its an electronic billboard and 2 adverts before the castore one there is a celtic one so dont think any daft taig will spray paint anything on it