Catfished you tube channel


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Ever watched any of these? The guys do a good job proving to victims they are being scammed but sometimes even the glaringly obvious truth doesn't work. I watched a couple and the ladies are clearly in the vulnerable adult category. They have been sending tens of thousands over years to these scammers. One older lady with no teeth truly believed the young marine type with a bodybuilder physique was going to one day turn up and marry her. When the catfish guys proved the scammer had stolen the image the real guy spoke to the scamming victim to help her realise the truth....that she was being scammed by guys in Nigeria.
Thousands of lonely women send a fortune to these fraudsters over years. Unbelievable.
Been cat fished by a few highlight reels of signings
Herrera’s reel had him missing open goals and we still fell for it!

I always thought it was old folk who got took in by romance scams but the amount of youngsters being duped is sad