Celebrating when scudding a team?

Ease up or slaughter?

  • Conserve energy and show respect.

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  • Muller them.

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Polar bear

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Respectful thing to do is take it easy, but I’m a bad bastard so I’d want to absolutely slaughter the opposition.
Grind them into dust and then sprinkle them onto a dog shit.
They could have/should used it as a full scale practice,and worked on other aspects of their game(Sweeden game coming up,could have been a good opportunity to work on that).


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I think most folk took issue with their celebrations rather than the scoreline itself. USA were celebrating each goal like they'd won the whole tournament in the dying minutes of the final!


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if it is for goal difference and you need it that is one thing. If it is against the tims, the sheep, Tesco fc or Hivs then go for it. if you are demoralising a nation to the point the sport may never recover in that country or the team may be killed (in some circumstances) then maybe just stop at the 8?


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You should never stop trying to score though i dont blame teams when they do but those celebrations were over the top. You're playing against a country that i would be surprised if anyone of them play fulltime football and you have a 33 year old acting like how i did when i was 6 or 7 because she scored to make it 9-0. It wasn't a rivalry game, wasn't a final, it was against bloody Thailand, act like you've been there before. You just know they'll bitch and moan if someone gives it back to them too and the classic WoUlD yOu SaY tHaT iF tHe MeN dId It and push the narrative to it being about running up th score instead of the celebrations. I remember Ronaldo taking his shirt off and celebrating ott after scoring a late penalty when the match was decided and im pretty sure that was in a final and i thought he was being a c*nt.


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No, never should a team be expected to go easy on the pitch. It's afterwards where I may have an issue such as a really good team drubbing another one then they and their fans gloating about it, especially if the opposing team is rubbish.

I've seen it from some all black rugby fans who gloat about the AB,s slaughtering some rubbish national team where the team in question probably encompasses most of that nations rugby fans. That put me right off the AB's and especially their support, and that type of behaviour in general.


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I think most folk took issue with their celebrations rather than the scoreline itself. USA were celebrating each goal like they'd won the whole tournament in the dying minutes of the final!
Best post in this thread. This team and coach has an agenda and it ain’t pretty. They want to destroy every opponent in the hope that it will help reward them with the same salary as the US mens team. I’ve actually seen High School girls teams that might have beaten Thailand but nonetheless that team made it look like helicopter Sunday. Shame on them


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Against a Scottish team I want to hear clowns like Tom English and Michael Stewart howling at the moon about us being disrespectful.

Their tears will make any victory much sweeter.

Diego Forlan

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So we're 3 up against the tims and some folk want to go easy.
Rodgers told them to go easy on us when they were 3-0 up at half time. Finished 5.

They could have had 12 that day..

If it was the other way about, id be raging jf we didn't take full.advantage.


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Depends who we are playing . Last season the only manager who showed us respect after being pumped was Brian Rice so next season I'd still expect the team to show professionalism and play to the final whistle like it's the first minute but would hope the players would calm down celebrating goals after maybe 5 against Hamilton . The rest id celebrate every goal as if it was the first %^*& them all


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Didn't have a problem with the celebrations until they scored the 11th and a group of American players pinned down a wee Thai defender, scanted her, and started fingering her infront of the camera.
Talksport has been full of chat today about the USA women going OTT yesterday as they thumped Thailand 13-0. Apparently when the players scored they were counting on their fingers as to the number they had netted.

On the flip side we have stories that Lowe told Germany to "take it easy" in the second half of the WC Semi after they led Brazil 5-0 at the break.

Another example being Pep Guardiola ordering his team to thump Burton Albion in the second leg after a heavy first leg win.

What would you do?

I wouldn't take my foot off their throat until the final whistle.
Americans have 13 fingers??... thats weird.


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I think it depends on the circumstances.

Away game in the Scottish cup at a second division side or something and we're 4-0 up at half time then I wouldn't be averse to sticking three younger boys on as subs at half time and playing out the game. At the end of the game warm handshakes all round and make a point of thanking the opposition for hosting us.

Against the bogtrotters under any circumstances then I'd be blootering them all over the shop, rattling in as many goals as possible and laughing in their faces afterwards.

Danger Zone

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Nout wrong with scoring as many as you can, I think the celebrations were classless though and sort of typified the arrogance which makes a lot of the world loathe the USA.
I always hate it when we score 4 or 5 in the first half then chuck it in the second. When we beat Keith 10-1 twenty odd years ago it was about 7 at half time. Show professionalism and keep the performance going, don't "show respect" and ease up. It's entertainment, more goals more entertaining.
I also recall that the Keith team were NOT emotionally scarred by the game and scored their goal at 10-0 and celebrated like they had won the cup.


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I went for respect. Yes, go for as many goals as you can but when you’re upwards of 6 goals or so a simple pat on the back, shake of the hand celebration will suffice.


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I believe Souness told the team to take easy after the 5th in this game and has regretted it ever since.

Muller then at all times.


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It's a World Cup, every goal is massive to the person that scores it. I would want our players celebrating until the tears were pouring out the opposition.


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1. Pump the team. Take as many as you can off them.
2. Don't act like arseholes and start showboating / rubbing their faces in it.

Players should have a bit of professional respect.

Dr Steve Brule

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Teams should be terrified to play us. If dishing out doings and us laughing at their feeble challenge helps with this, I'm all for it.

Hopefully be one day soon.

The Golden God

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No issues with the US woman's team winning 13-0, what looked embarrassing was celebrating goals at 8-0 like you've scored a last minute winner in the world cup .

Fans do it as well, I remember the 7-1 Motherwell game the season just there, come and the 6th and 7th goal the celebrations were noticeably different from earlier goals.


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I think taking your foot off the gas is more disrespectful than thumping a team.

Players should always be professional and give their all that would be respectful.
True but there is also a matter of respect. Celebrating your 10th goal as if you just won the league is a bit much imo