Celtic appoint new skipper

Ever Ready

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Whats that Skip Costecoglous old man bought a van then converted it into a pick up truck?
Chit chit chit.
Ah right, what your saying is his father drove it as a ute!!


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That lot are currently more likely to appoint Flippy the Bush Dolphin.

"What's that Flippy? You're burning up?"

©Ross Noble


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'Tchch cchth chthch'
'What's that Skippy? Papasmurf is down a well?...Phuck him. Have you seen the stuff hes posting on FF?'
'Chtch cchtt '
'Aye fair enough he did get the scum kicked out the Broomie. Give me 5 while I finish my tinnie of Fosters and I'll grab the ute'
I'm sure some tech bear will dub the interview after his first old firm defeat with tutur tut tut tut tch. And have subtitles below!! :cool:


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I heard Kevin Bloody Wilson is going to do one for our rivals in the east end where each verse will end in we've had an absolute kahunt of season . I hope they have many happy returns .:))