Celtic Disney songs?


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FFS there's actual adults that have never seen them win a knockout tie in Europe in their lifetime and now they have to sit through songs like this?

I feel sorry for them.


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You didn’t win the double. You won the league and the league cup.
The double is the league and the Scottish cup.
Thought I'd heard this 'double' guff when an advert came on the radio for their latest away shirt abomination during the week. Not like that mob to re-write history is it?


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We are all aware of their history with regards to children and their constant complaints that we should not use their vile history to score points.
However, this sort of behaviour proves they have an unhealthy, sleazy interest in children.


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They are accepted in this new world of cretins and twitter brainwashed tards. But the real people know what what their cesspit is all about. Cringy cringy weirdos

wee bud's pit boots

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I'm taking a guess Ross needs investigated by the police, pronto.
As an aside...when did the League and LC become the 'double'? Always been League and SC
It's always been a League and Cup domestic double since the LC came into being. Struth achieved it. Souness, for instance bagged one in his first season in charge as did Ba face.

The League and SC as a 'double' supercedes it though.