Celtic Disney songs?

Blue bells are blue1872

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Nearly 2000 likes what does that say I wonder.
Seems to be some rage right enough despite the highly suspect content its one little word that's got them in a stir.
"Parkers" if that name sticks Ross we all know whose to blame dont we.


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Jesus fu.cking Christ.


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I wonder what possessed Ross Mains to wake up one morning and think about doing something like this?

This is the sort of weirdo who has binoculars and spies on his neighbours - especially the ones who are Rangers fans.

This poor bastard clearly needs serious help?

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For once I am truely lost for words, although this makes me appreciate the fact, even more now, that I am so proud and blessed to be a Rangers Supporter.


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Crap ! they should make up one about cover ups and paedos and sly dirty deed-os or is the truth never mentioned about their so called history .